Obama Must Fulfill His Oath Of Office Even If Republicans Don’t

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There is a consistent theme to teabagger and Republican antics since the 112th Congress began their assault on America, and it is that they keep breaking their oath of office. It is interesting that at the start of the 112th session, Republicans and teabags held a reading of the Constitution and it seems they were all dead asleep and missed some very important amendments. For the record, every congressional representative and senator swears to, “Support and defend the Constitution of the United States.” It is a simple oath that should not require interpretation or any special reading of the Constitution in Congress, but apparently the conservatives need to have another reading so an 8th-grade student can point out the myriad ways they are breaking their oath.

In the 14th Amendment, Section 4, there is a little statement that puts the current debt ceiling debate into its proper perspective as well as expose how teabaggers are breaking their oath of office. In Section 4 it says, “The validity of the public debt of the United State… shall not be questioned.” Since Republicans, and especially teabaggers, want so badly to stick to a strict interpretation of the Constitution, they should be able to appreciate the simplicity of that one section. However, they have not only questioned the validity of the debt, they are willing to ignore it to send the country into default. In lieu of defaulting, they are using it to hold the economy hostage unless the government is reduced to no more than a war machine where the entirety of America’s assets are spent on producing bombs and bullets to kill Muslims. Of course, if there are any assets left over they are to be distributed to corporations, the oil industry, and the wealthy who warrant special privileges for their unwavering support.

The bigger issue besides raising the debt limit is the validity of questioning the public debt. The Republicans did not question the debt ceiling when George W. Bush was president and ran up the debt with two unnecessary wars and tax cuts for the filthy rich. In fact, they raised the limit seven times in eight years because the country could not afford giving the wealthy and their corporations tax cuts or two unnecessary wars. A big part of the debt we are wallowing in now is the interest on Bush’s credit card spending spree that suddenly warrants questioning because a Black man is in the White House. Some Republicans have admitted that it will be devastating to the economy if the debt ceiling is not raised, so they know how crucial it is to act, but they are not acting unless they get to eliminate social programs that affect a majority of Americans.

There are calls to the president to invoke the 14th Amendment and end the entire debate to save our economy, and if Republicans fail to reach a compromise, it is reasonable for Obama to follow the Constitution. There is a time and place for reaching agreements through compromise, but Republicans and teabaggers have no intention of giving anything in the way of concessions that would resemble a compromise, and in fact are upping the ante with calls for a balanced budget Constitutional Amendment. The idiot conservatives say they will agree to raise the debt limit after the balanced budget amendment is passed. It is another example of what happens when inexperienced, ignorant ideologues are given positions of power by more ignorant voters. It is apparent that teabaggers have little conceptual understanding of the steps and time it takes to put a new amendment in the Constitution. Of course it is entirely possible that they know exactly how long it takes and are hoping that by defaulting on the debt, the government will collapse waiting for three-fourths of the states (38/50) to ratify a balanced budget amendment. It is more likely that there is nothing the White House, Democrats, or even Republicans can do to satisfy the teabaggers unless they disband the federal government and install a Christian family values administration headed up by a fanatical Christian preacher.

It may well come down to the president following the Constitution and invoking the 14th Amendment to stop the country from defaulting on its debt. Invoking the Constitution would also stop the madness and devastation the conservatives are willing to wreak on the country just to end the most important features of the New Deal. President Obama has a Constitutional duty to support and defend the Constitution as well as the federal government’s existence. Americans now have a duty to impeach the representatives and senators who have blatantly broken their oath of office for various reasons, but none more important than deliberately questioning the validity of the public debt. It is not a mistake or an oversight, and each and every one of the lying debt-deniers swore to god to uphold the Constitution; not ignore it to collapse the economy and by extension, the government.

The President has gone far enough looking for compromise from the conservatives and by now he must have a clue that there is nothing more he can do to elicit cooperation short of disbanding the federal government, resigning, and appointing Bachmann or DeMint the Preacher-in-Chief. Neither Republicans nor teabaggers will ever agree to a balanced approach to the budget morass so there is little need for Obama to continue negotiating a debt ceiling increase. He owes it to the country, American people, and the Constitution to support it because if he does not, the teabags and Republicans will collapse the government and make a new Constitution called the Christian bible.

The Constitution’s writers thought they addressed every eventuality the country would face except a government collapse, and when teabaggers are finally successful, the Constitution will be unnecessary and by then, even the president’s oath will be meaningless. President Obama must lead and fulfill his oath even if every Republican and teabagger in Congress does not. It is not like conservatives have ever kept their promises, and based on their questioning the public debt, they have no intention of keeping their simple oath to support the Constitution. It is tragic the public is too timid to act on the oath-breakers, so once again we have to depend on the president to do the right thing for America. It is obvious that no Republican or teabagger will ever do the right thing even if it means keeping a simple oath.

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