Gay Group Works Against Equal Rights By Supporting Michele Bachmann

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Politics in America is based on alliances between similar-thinking groups that work toward a common goal, and with a two-party system it is a crucial aspect to govern and win elections. There are times though, when a particular special interest group makes alliances with the major party that has no interest in promoting their cause, and in some cases, is the antithesis of the special interest and seeks to eliminate their influence as soon as they are in power. It is becoming normal for Republicans to give lip service to special interest groups during campaigns only to reverse their position when they no longer need their support. However, it is curious why a special interest group supports a party that opposes them as a matter-of-course and is a reminder that there are always people willing to vote against their own self-interest.

There is an old adage by Sun-tzu, a Chinese general and military strategist from around 400 BC that says, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer” to signify the importance of knowing your enemy’s plans about your demise. It is no different in politics, but for a group to support their enemy and help them win elections borders on having a death wish. GOProud is a gay conservative group that advocates Republican policies and although it seems counterproductive for gays to support Republicans, their conservative logic overrides any sense of self-preservation. The group’s leaders have expressed an interest in meeting with anti-gay rights presidential aspirant Michele Bachmann and it exemplifies making a deal with the devil. Whether GOProud understands that Bachmann has no interest in their opinions or their cause is a mystery, but they should know that Bachmann will take their support now and then crucify them all if she is elected.

Everyone understands Republicans hate President Obama and are desperate to blame the economic mess on his administration.  It is also evident that members of GOProud are angry that President Obama did not destroy the economy and instead of anger at their man-turned-god, George W. Bush, for his economic policy that ballooned the national debt, they have lashed out at Obama even though he has helped the LGBT community as far as the Constitution allows him. But instead of being honest and supporting the president’s pragmatic economic solutions and his advocacy for equal rights for gays, they want to support Bachmann whose goal is alienation and discrimination of gays. It reminds thinking individuals that there is no accounting for the twisted logic inherent in conservative minds, and makes one wonder if GOProud is really a gay rights group or just a bunch of twisted, angry conservatives who use gays to garner support for people like Bachmann.

It is possible that GOProud is not aware of Bachmann’s hateful opposition to gays, but there are numerous examples of her intentions to send them back in the closet if she is ever elected president. In fact, nearly all the Republican presidential hopefuls have made it clear they will reinstate DADT, seek a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman and various other prohibitions on any mention of homosexuals. Bachmann in particular has made it  her practice to defame gays at every opportunity with lies and misinformation. When she was pushing a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in Minnesota, her lying story was that if the same-sex marriage ban wasn’t passed, kindergarten students would “be required to learn that homosexuality is normal, equal and perhaps you should try it. And that will occur immediately, that all schools will begin teaching homosexuality.” It is the same argument Mormons, Catholics, and evangelical Christians used to frighten the public during California’s Proposition 8 campaign, and although it is an abject lie, the fear mongering invoked outrage and anger in ignorant voters who reacted by voting to pass the prohibition on same-sex marriage.

Bachmann also said that being gay is “an issue of sexual dysfunction in their life and sexual identity disorders,” and also that being gay is “part of Satan.” Are the members of GOProud really guilty of “specifically targeting our children” to turn them gay or does their hatred of President Obama override any sense of decency and more importantly preservation? If any gay American thinks for one second that people like Bachmann, Santorum, or Pawlenty will not impose sanctions against them, they are living in a fantasy world and may have a death wish. GOProud is not a stupid bunch of people, but supporting a candidate who calls them deviants with sexual identity disorders who target kindergarten children to turn them gay certainly is not a show of intelligence.

We get it GOProud; you are furious  you cannot blame Obama for Bush’s policies, but we want you to survive and thrive. Michele Bachmann  is against your survival and not only wants you to get back in the closet, she wants you out of schools, government jobs, the military and white Christian neighborhoods; yet you want to support her and her anti-gay Christian candidacy. It is one thing to support and vote against your own self-interest, but supporting the person who will preside over your demise is absolutely insane. However, gay or not, sanity among conservatives and Republicans is becoming a rare occurrence and stupidity over a Black president is driving seemingly intelligent people to make incredibly stupid decisions. For a gay American to support Michele Bachmann or any conservative who uses Christianity as their basis for policy is stupid and insane; because if they win the presidency, your stupidity will prove to be deadly.

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