Empty Rallies and Unpaid Bills: The Tea Party’s Death Spiral

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Rep. Joe Walsh Having No Shame

While Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann rant and rave, while Bachmann leads the Tea Party Caucus in Congress and Sarah Palin levels threats against it, what about the Tea Party itself? What about all those patriotic, Confederate flag-waving, Bible-thumping, racist, misogynist good old boys and girls who with corporate dollars rose up against our first black president?

If you look at the facts on the ground, the Tea Party is not easy to find. A Tea Party rally in Columbia, South Carolina in May drew only 30 people. Two thousand had been expected to attend. Then the Tea Party had planned to get together for a huge “straw-poll” event in Kansas come late September/early October, using the Woodlands racetrack in Kansas City. It was figured that such Tea Party luminaries as Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum would be there.

Alas, it was canceled due to a lack of interest, the Kansas City Star reporting that the organizers were “unable to get enough tea party organizations to commit to attending…”

And when you find the Tea Party in the news these days, that news tends, invariably, to be dismal. The recall is proceeding apace in Wisconsin and there is a good likelihood they will soon be out of power in that state.

Then, in a shocker, John McCain ridiculed the Tea Party in Congress the other day, calling them “hobbits”. He singled out Tea Party favorites Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell in particular. He wasn’t kind: “This is the kind of crack political thinking that turned Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell into GOP Senate nominees.”


The best Sharron Angle could do was to accuse McCain of having no new ideas. This from the woman who’s solution for rape victims is to make “rape lemonade.” Maybe she should just take her own advice and make some “STFU lemonade” instead of whining.

Yes, the Tea Party – the home of intellectual giants.

Not so much, no. Nor of integrity.

Look at the actions of the Tea Party Nation of Tennessee. Perhaps they fell for the “what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas” meme; if so, they were only fooling themselves. The TPN, says the Las Vegas Review-Journal, reserved a bunch of rooms (1,637 of them to be exact) for an event to be held back on July 14-18, 2010, which was then postponed to October and then canceled altogether.

To put this event in its proper context, this was supposed to bring together conservative superstars and other Tea Party luminaries, including Laura Ingraham and Sharron Angle, who at the time was embroiled in a campaign against Harry Reid. In other words, even when the fire was hottest, the Tea Party could not muster enough support to get the job done. Angle, of course, lost.

The Venetian Casino Resort, LLC, has filed suit against the TPN and wants the $642,144 it says it is owed. TPN agreed to pay $579,148 in the event of a cancellation and the resort says they still owe $554,148 plus 18 percent interest (another $87,996).

As the Review-Journal points out, this is “not the first time the Tea Party Nation ran into problems hosting an event.” Back in February 2010 they charged up to $549 for a chance to hear Sarah Palin, “some in the tea party political movement accused the for-profit Tea Party Nation of leveraging conservative enthusiasm for monetary gain.”

Say it ain’t so!

When was the Tea Party movement not about profit? Look at who is bankrolling them. Shill-Meister Judson Philips, of course, has nothing to say. He’s likely too busy counting his thirty pieces of silver for selling out not only the American people but his own gullible followers.

But it’s not only Tea Party organizations running into trouble: It’s Tea Party leaders and luminaries.

Anthony Trinca, a leader of a South Carolina Tea Party group, reports CNET, “has been arrested for allegedly selling pirated software.” Apparently another Tea Partier who was in it for the cash, a chip off the old corporate sponsors. He is charged with selling versions of Microsoft Office, Windows, Adobe Photoshop, and Rosetta Stone. His 23-year-old son Michael was arrested along with him. They were released after paying a $5,000 bond.

Remember the meme here: TGDaily points out that “the Grand Stand Tea Party, based in South Carolina…strives to spread messages about how big government is evil and that America needs to return to its conservative roots.”

Apparently, America’s conservative roots mean selling pirated software. That’s an inspiring message. Mike Luttrell of TGDaily correctly concludes,

It is another blow to the already crumbling Tea Party, which didn’t have as strong a presence in the last midterm election as expected, and is losing favor as the noted leaders of the movement fail to deliver on their promises.

But the shame doesn’t end here. No.

Freshman U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh, reports the Chicago Sun-Times, which refers to him as “a tax-bashing Tea Party champion” owes in excess of $100,000 in child support “to his ex-wife and three children, according to documents his ex-wife filed in their divorce case in December.”

This is what the Sun-Times reports is Walsh’s hypocritical anti-government narrative:

“I won’t place one more dollar of debt upon the backs of my kids and grandkids unless we structurally reform the way this town spends money!” Wash says directly into the camera in his viral video lecturing Obama on the need to get the nation’s finances in order.”

But it gets better, or rather, worse:

“President Obama, quit lying. Have you no shame, sir?”In three short years, you’ve bankrupted this country.”

Apparently, Walsh knows quite a bit about having no shame, but no sense of irony.

His ex-wife meanwhile wants his driver’s license suspended until he pays. But Joe “No Compromise” Walsh has an answer to that too:

In court documents, after his ex-wife, Laura Walsh, asked a judge to suspend his driver’s license until he paid his child support, Joe Walsh asks his ex-wife’s lawyer, “Have you no decency?”

So we can add having no decency to the list of things Joe Walsh does know about. Joe refuses to raise taxes on the wealthy and he refuses to pay his child support.  Joe also claims he has no money to pay and that anyway, he doesn’t owe what she says he owes.

But in 2004 “Laura Walsh complained in a motion that despite her ex-husband’s claims of poverty, he took a vacation to Mexico with his girlfriend and another to Italy. The following year, he complained in a court-filing that his ex-wife mailed him a motion while she knew he was in Nicaragua doing charitable work with one of their children.”

Sounds like a familiar story, doesn’t it?

This is where the Tea Party is these days. After a less than overwhelming success in 2010, and having succeeded at last in generating explosive liberal and progressive outrage which is sure to have repercussions in 2012, the Tea Party seems to require a dose of Viagra.

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