The Politicus Pulse – July 28, 2011

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Welcome to the Politicus Pulse. Here are the links you need to see to get your day started off right. Consider this a cup of coffee for your mind.

The Plastic Bag Wars (Rolling Stone)

The world consumes 1 million plastic shopping bags every minute – and the industry is fighting hard to keep it that way.

America’s Shameful Leadership (Creators)

America has big needs right now. But those needs are not even being addressed, because little whiney ideologues like Eric Cantor, the GOP’s House majority leader, keep throwing hissy fits, demanding that they get their way, or there’ll be no way.

Air Force Cites New Testament, Ex-Nazi, to Train Officers on Ethics of Launching Nuclear Weapons (Truthout)

The United States Air Force has been training young missile officers about the morals and ethics of launching nuclear weapons by citing passages from the New Testament and commentary from a former member of the Nazi Party, according to newly released documents.

News of the World’s Desperate Final Hours (NYT)

The former defense editor writes that though the newspaper has become a punch line, he grew up with it, and loved it.

The Collapse Of Political Trust (Wired)

One can’t help but imagine the history books of the future, highlighting this moment as an example of why the decline began, how a country this rich and free developed such a dysfunctional political system.

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