No Eulogies for Georgia State Rep. Bobby Franklin

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Bobby Franklin: Proudly Protecting the Rights of Rapists in Georgia

There will likely be no long eulogies from the liberal camp this week for George Rep. Bobby Franklin, who was found dead “in his Northeast Cobb home just before noon Tuesday.” Foul play was not suspected. Jenny Hodges, a close friend, the Northeast Cobb Path informs us, “speculated that Franklin suffered a massive heart attack.”

“He was having extreme chest pains,” she said.

Cobb was well known for his conservative brand of extremism, including the criminalization of miscarriages and redefining abortion as murder (H.B. 1 “Prenatal Murder”). Of course, by then Franklin was already infamous for his attempt to redefine rape out of existence by turning rape victims into “accusers.” He also had the temerity to criticize tornado victims this spring by Tweeting that he was “saddened” to “watch my fellow Georgians pray to their god, FEMA, to save them.”

As was noted at the time, Bobby himself was doing nothing to help all those victims; FEMA was. Bobby Franklin’s actions backed up his hateful words and defined him, embodying all that is worst about this new American conservatism of extremist politics mixed with fundamentalist religion.

Bobby Franklin was the demagogue the Founding Fathers feared and warned us about, a perfect example of the excesses of democracy that would strip the common American citizen of his or her rights.

If you must have a eulogy from me this morning, it will be this, and this only: Bobby Franklin was a danger to democracy and a danger to women and now he’s dead.

We’ve seen Bobby’s epitaph for 340 dead tornado victims. One of the victims whose family was affected by the disaster called him a “monster and an embarrassment” and a “worthless jerk” I think that is a fitting epitaph. To draw the logical conclusion from Republican theology which demands divine causation in the case of natural disasters, it’s almost as though God was saying, “I’ve heard enough.”

Goodbye, Bobby, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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