Watch John McCain Slam Conservatives for Lying to the Public

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John McCain found his old self again today. Two and a half years after he sold his soul to the Alaska menace, he’s back!

Today on the Senate floor John McCain gave the freshmen Tea Party a black eye, saying they need to stop lying to the American people claiming that they can get a balanced budget amendment as part of any compromise on the debt ceiling, since the fallacy of “cut cap and balance” has already failed to pass in the Senate.

Yes, we assume the Tea Partiers know this, but I’m beginning to suspect that they do not, in fact, know anything of the sort.

I suspect they think they are Sarah Palin magic wizards, who knowing nothing about anything could march into DC with their Fox News reality and really change things. Two problems: They aren’t dealing with reality and they aren’t informed enough to know that they aren’t dealing with reality. This means that they may not KNOW that they are lying to their constituents, just like their constituents don’t know they’re being lied to. Oh, what a web we weave when at first we do deceive.

John McCain tells conservatives to stop lying to their constituents:

We saw this coming a mile away, but it sure is good to see John McCain reclaim his mantle as maverick, or at least, maverick redoux. A round of applause to John for awakening from his long, Palin-induced coma. I’m getting the feeling that he isn’t the only one with a few regrets these days.

The GOP got into bed with the crazy in order to win seats in 2010 and now they’re waking up in the morning, hung-over, dazed, and very confused. And that’s before they roll over to get a good look at morning crazy. You know morning crazy is always so much worse than you remembered it from the night before.

Let’s face it, John McCain was darn grumpy today; he was mad at everyone. He’s mad at Bachmann, Obama, and the “bizarros” now running the House. Of course you didn’t think John was going to leave his bitter hat off, even for a day, did you? John knows better, he knows the House is responsible for this, but he couldn’t help himself.

If you were John McCain and you woke up from a two and half year coma, only to realize you’d sold out to a hate-filled idiot who had taken over your party, who just last night blamed Obama for TARP even though TARP was signed when she was running as John McCain’s running mate (cough- that means Bush was the President), you’d be grumpy too.

We could have had this deal in a day if it weren’t for the House Republicans.

In fact, it never would have been an issue because as we know, we raised the debt ceiling seven times in eight years under Bush Jr and no one cared then that Bush was leaving the wars totally off of the budget while he spent away on entitlements. John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Jon Kyle and Eric Cantor were all there then. They approved the debt ceiling time after time, year after year. It’s just now that a Democrat is trying to pay off their bills that they suddenly demand a deficit plan to accompany the debt limit being raised. Combined, they voted 19 times under Bush to raise the debt ceiling. Clearly they know how to do this.

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