Americans Think Mitt Romney is a Muslim

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Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney isn’t shy about changing his positions and former decision-making according to the current (and I mean minutes-by-minutes) political climate. But if there’s one area in which Mitt Romney cannot shift into different forms of political department store mannequins, it’s his faith.

Never mind that we live in a democracy and are supposed to adhere to that little thingy called the bill of rights, where “no religious test shall be imposed on individuals seeking elected office,” Americans are too busy watching washed up stars gyrate and they love them some judgmental religion. Also, it really helps if one holding or seeking office can be so eclectic as to be white and Christian in order for the superficiality to sit well with a miserably uninformed (misinformed) electorate. For example, forty-percent of Americans don’t even know Obama is a Christian, and then there’s the tin-foil cap wearing  eighteen-percent of Americans who believe Obama to be Muslim (or is it half-breed Muslin?). He’s black and has a last name that’s one letter away from the evil 9/11 terrorist and radical Muslim fundamentalist (the one Obama actually caught and killed), so it’s only natural that this would make some Americans heads hurt.

But the idiot barometer shot up to space when the question on Mitt Romney’s religion came up.

Not only do most Americans fail to identify President Obama as Christian, three in four don’t know Mitt Romney is a Mormon, according to a new survey.

Here were the results of the USA Today poll:

  • 40% of Americans don’t know Obama’s religion
  • 38% correctly call him Christian
  • 18% continue to wrongly identify him as Muslim
  • 4% says he’s not religious.
  • 40% correctly identify Romney as Mormon;
  • 46% don’t know, 11% call him some form of Christian (1% Muslim, 1% not religious, 1% never heard of him) despite saturating media coverage on the matter in the 2008 primaries.
  • 72% say Mormons hold religious beliefs that are somewhat or very different from their own.
  • 56% of the public says it is very important or somewhat important for a presidential candidate to have strong religious beliefs regardless of whether those beliefs are the same as their own.

Apparently one-percent of the eleven-percent believes that Muslim is a form of Christianity. Is Fox News no longer doing its job in properly delineating Christianity as the flag-waving,  country-club, rich whites-only faith and Islam as the blowing up Americans faith?

Sadly, we live in a topsy-turvy country in which the rich get to steal from the poor and religion (Christianity, that is) matters to voters. After all, Texas governor and potential Republican Presidential Candidate (a sentence that should never be uttered following 2001-2008) is flagrantly violating the Establishment Clause in the U.S. Constitution by giving the appearance that the government prefers evangelical Christian religious beliefs over other religious beliefs and non-beliefs regarding his upcoming prayer rally. Perry is partnering with the American Family Association and other hate groups to hold “The Response: A Call to Prayer for a Nation in Crisis” at Houston’s Reliant Stadium on Aug. 6. Indeed, the answer to a country beleaguered by debt, a fractured and radical Congress, rampant unemployment, falling housing prices, and ecological devastation is not to use the power of your public office to come up with practical solutions to these serious non-religious dilemmas, but to hoodwink suffering constituents to collectively pray to an invisible space ghost. Worse yet, that invisible space ghost has to be Christian.

Mitt Romney may have thought he had problems when Americans just thought he was a Mormon, but his trepidations have just got much worse now that a percentage of Americans associate him with being a Muslim.

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