Irrational Obama Hate Turns The Far Left Into Fox News Progressives

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The far left is outraged because they wanted a monarch and got a president

At America’s founding, the Constitution’s framers created a government structure that included a balance of power to reflect their desire to be as far removed from England’s monarchy as possible. Although the president is America’s leader and the office has the appearance of supreme power, he can always be held in check if the two houses of Congress can muster enough votes to override a veto and in extreme cases, impeach him if they believe a crime has been committed. Although our government is not perfect, the system has worked relatively well throughout our history and with the two-party system, represents the will of the people in most cases. There are some Americans who do not comprehend that a president is not a monarch, and if their particular issues are not addressed to their satisfaction, tend to blame the person at the top regardless if he is associated with their party or not.

President Obama is a Constitutional scholar and certainly understands the limitations of his office, and even if he did not, the members of Congress would be quick to remind him that just because he supports a certain agenda, he is restricted from acting unilaterally on nearly every issue except where the military is concerned because he is Commander in Chief of all armed forces. However simple the president’s Constitutional duties and job description are, there are self-proclaimed liberals who expect him to be a monarch who dictates his agenda without Congressional approval and they show their ignorance and selfishness every time they open their mouths or publish pathetic diatribes against the president.

First and foremost, every citizen in America has the Constitutional right of free speech and our waning democracy requires criticism of all leaders when appropriate, but since Barack Obama has been in office, his critics in both parties engage in lies and misinformation to mislead the public. Obama’s critics on the right can be excused for lying about the president and Democratic agenda because they just don’t understand the meaning of veracity and have openly stated their goal is to limit him to one term in office. Republicans have lied to the American people about Obama as a matter-of-course and this column will not enumerate the thousands of Republican assertions regarding the president that are patently false.  There is time though, to address a couple of the faux liberals’ misstatements about the president because their goal is the same as Republicans and they are using  emotionally charged issues and misunderstanding of the president’s Constitutional limits of power.

One of the issues that the self proclaimed ideologically pure progressives use to engender hate against the president is the detention of the soldier who confessed to stealing and passing state secrets in the Wikileaks scandal.Some on the distant left have went as far as accusing President Obama of supporting the torture of Bradley Manning. Of course Manning was not tortured and the president did not water board the troubled young man, but like the vile pundits at Fox News, many on the fringe left repeated the story enough that there are liberals who truly believe the president arrested, imprisoned, and personally tortured the alleged traitor because that is what the evil Black president does. The story is so outlandishly unbelievable that it gives one pause that any semi-intelligent person would believe it, but there are thousands who accept these contentions without questioning their logic. If the far left had a rudimentary understanding of the Constitution, they would know the president does not have the authority to arrest, imprison, or torture anyone whether they are a traitor or not; unless they are George W. Bush.

Some members of the gay community have been convinced that Obama is personally responsible for the prohibition on same sex marriage as well as DOMA even though he cannot wave his scepter and make the laws in every state vanish. The Constitution does not give any person in government that kind of power, but like Fox News, the extreme left has incited with repeated fallacious assertions that have provoked at least one high profile victim of the cruel DADT policy to proclaim Obama is the worst president in American history.  Apparently they have chosen to ignore the fact that Obama supported ending DADT or that he instructed the Justice Department to stop defending DOMA in court because it is unconstitutional.

There are many other issues the faux left and ignorant progressives assail the president over and the lack of a public option in the health law stands out as a prime example. Ezra Klein astutely pointed out that if Obama had demanded a public option, a couple of conservative Democrats would have withheld their support and healthcare reform would have never left a committee. Other left-leaning pundits have attacked Obama for not closing Guantanamo Bay, but they fail to understand that Congress held the power to relocate the prisoners held there; not President Obama. This list could go on indefinitely, but it would waste time and energy. The point is that the president is restricted from achieving each and every group’s pet concerns because he is not a monarch; he is the president of the United States.

One of the core reasons the president has not been able to achieve every one of his campaign pledges is Democrats in Congress were not 100% supportive of any of his agenda. With majorities in the House and Senate, there was always just enough dissension among Democrats that it enabled Republicans to obstruct the president’s agenda. Even without complete support of every Democrat, President Obama has achieved the lion’s share of his programs because he worked tirelessly to garner support from wayward Democrats. There is another little issue the disparate groups of crybabies fails to understand; Obama is president of the entire country. There are more than just far-left voters in this country and the president must consider all citizen’s issues and not just those of his base. America has moved to the right and the President has to take the entire country’s well-being and concerns into account regardless what some liberals think.

The 2010 midterm elections were an indication that voters are not all far-left and although it pains Progressives and Liberals, that is the reality. However, reality is as elusive to the professional left and faux liberals as it is to hard-right conservatives and Libertarians in the Republican Party. In fact, the words and actions of these pretend liberal groups are not unlike teabaggers who advocate for policies and issues in their imagination instead of reality. Apparently, reality and pragmatic expectations are as foreign to the professional left as they are to teabaggers and the pundits at Fox News. It seems reasonable that a civics lesson intervention is necessary to enlighten the adherents of the far left philosophy as well as any number of disparate groups that the president is not a dictator or a monarch, and that he cannot grant them each their private desires.

It is invariably up to each citizen to know what the limitations of a president entails so they are able to make informed decision when it comes time to vote. There are calls for making primary challenges to President Obama for the purpose of “pulling him farther left,” but the only outcome will be a divided voting bloc in 2012. It is telling that the usual list of primary challengers includes self promoters and long shots who could not win a presidential election.What many of the supporters of the far left don’t realize is that some of the people they following receive back backdoor funding from GOP groups.

The supporters of the far left mean well, but they are not helping the American people by working against President Obama. If they are deluded to think they will be successful forcing Obama to acquiesce to their demands and move farther to the left, then maybe they really need more than a civics lesson; because if they believe a Bachmann, Palin, Pawlenty, or Cain presidency is preferable to President Obama, then they need psychiatric help and they need it now because they are not helping America. What they are helping is to get more ad dollars and notoriety for themselves which seems to be their real intentions and it smacks of conservatism; pure and simple.


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