Unrelenting Greed Fuels The GOP’s Dream Of An American Default

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In every country on Earth, the leader faces criticism for his policies that are contrary to the opposition party, and it is necessary to maintain a semblance of balance where all sides have a voice in the direction the country is going. The current state of affairs in American government has devolved to the point that regardless how far to the right President Obama leans, Republicans are not going to compromise on any issue and the debt ceiling debacle is the prime example of unrealistic, America-hating GOP opposition to the president. The debt ceiling is the latest example, but it started a day after Obama was sworn in as president and has continued unabated up to the point of America’s impending default on its debt with consequences that will bring the country to its knees. Apparently, unless President Obama resigns and appoints Charles or David Koch as monarch and abolishes the Constitution, Republicans in Congress will sit back and let the country fall into the worst depression in history instead of making the slightest concession to save the economy.

The Republicans in Congress have allowed the teabaggers and Libertarians to dictate their policy of abolishing the government and eliminating taxes for the wealthy and corporations instead of compromising with Democrats and President Obama to reduce the deficit responsibly using a combination of spending cuts and increased revenue. It is unclear exactly what form of logic Republicans are using to reason their position, but if they are waiting for the president to become more conservative or compromise any more than he already has, they have gone completely insane and will finally destroy America once and for all. The Republican argument that the national debt is President Obama’s is laughable at best and insane at worst because the greatest factor in the need to raise the debt ceiling are Republican policies the president inherited when he took office.

During the Bush Administration, Republicans granted the wealthy unfunded tax cuts and in order to afford the wealthy’s entitlements, they borrowed the money. In fact, Republicans raised the debt ceiling seven times while Bush was president to continue enriching the wealthiest 2% of Americans, and the bottom 98% will be repaying the debt for the rest of their lives. President Obama inherited that debt and in December, in order to secure 13 months of unemployment benefits for millions of Americans, had to acquiesce and extend Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy for two more years. It was a bad deal, but the president made it to help unemployed Americans; something Republicans would never do under any circumstance because it is not in their nature to help Americans who are not filthy rich. Now that the country needs to raise the debt ceiling to continue the wealthy’s entitlements, Republicans are demanding that Obama eliminate Medicare and slash Social Security or they will crash the economy again.

The president also inherited two unnecessary wars Bush started, and like the wealthy’s tax cuts, has to borrow the money to pay for them. When Bush started both wars, instead of raising taxes on the wealthy or ending their tax cuts to pay for them, he convinced his Republican cohorts the best way to fund them was to borrow more money. The Republicans in Congress happily went along and raised the debt limit so our brave soldiers could fight and die to enrich Dick Cheney’s company. Neither war was necessary, but Bush and the Republicans loved the idea of killing Muslims and supporting corporations that profited from the borrowed money they will never repay. However, someone must pay; so the American people are saddled with more national debt that the GOP raised seven times. Both wars are still crippling the economy like the wealthy’s tax cuts, but because there is a Black Democratic president, Republicans refuse to raise the debt ceiling unless Democrats eliminate Medicare and cut Social Security taxpayers have paid into their entire working lives. It is the ultimate insult to make the American people pay for rich people’s tax cuts and Bush’s wars with their retirement savings because Republicans ran up the national debt funding a madman’s war against Islam.

Republicans can never accuse the president of not compromising his core values to move the country forward and save the economy. In fact, President Obama is more conservative than the Republicans’ man-turned-god, Ronald Reagan. President Obama has presided over the lowest tax rates in over 50 years and has never raised taxes in two-and-a-half years. Reagan raised taxes eleven times during his tenure and there were no wars to fund.  Although Reagan was not the sharpest intellect, he knew there were only so many spending cuts available and that at some point revenue must be increased to keep the government running. However, these Republicans today are without a conscience and are willing to steal from the American people to continue giving the wealthy and corporations their entitlements. There are only two viable explanations for the Republicans rigid position. Either they want the economy to crash and cause a catastrophic depression, or they want to undo every social safety net in order to continue giving the rich their tax cuts. It is tragic, but apparently both options are acceptable to Republicans.

The American people have overwhelmingly expressed their wishes that Washington raise taxes on the wealthy in order to save their Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Republicans though, answer to the libertarians at Koch Industries and their associated conservative think tanks the Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, and American Enterprise Institute. Conservatives have been attempting to end Social Security since its inception and now that a Black man is president, they are using racial hatred to garner support from their vile base. Conservatives could care less about teabaggers and are using their racial hatred to support the effort to end all social programs.

Since Republicans took control of the House, they have attempted to cut every social program that assists the poor; especially minorities. When Paul Ryan presented the Heritage Foundation’s budget proposal, it signaled the final push to eliminate Social Security and Medicare and replace them with privatized scams that will further enrich corporate America. Make no mistake, cuts to Americans’ retirement savings are only the beginning of the end and if any American believes the Republicans will not eliminate all social programs to enrich the wealthy, they are naïve and frankly, stupid fools. Cutting benefits is only the beginning and if left unchecked, Republicans will do away with Social Security and Medicare as quickly as possible. Their refusal to raise the debt ceiling unless those programs are cut instead of modest revenue increases should be a portent of things to come, and as the default deadline draws near, Republicans are showing their true intentions. If the president acquiesces to their demands, the social programs will be cut for a small increase to the debt limit and in another year, they will again hold the economy hostage unless Medicare and Social Security are eliminated completely. Regardless of what the president and Democrats do, there will be no tax increases under the Republican master plan.

There is no good ending for America as long as Republicans continue their criminal hostage-taking of our economy, and regardless of President Obama’s concessions they will not stop until every social program and safety nets are eliminated. The Koch’s secret policy meetings revealed that their goal is to privatize the government and do away with Medicare, Social Security, and every social program regardless if the American people pay into them or not. Conservatives want everything the American people have and if it means sending the country into a depression, then as Speaker of the House John Boehner says, “So be it.”  If the president concedes to Republicans’ demands and ends Social Security, they still will not raise taxes on the wealthy or corporations, but they will allow a tiny increase to the debt ceiling. There is no middle ground or compromising with Republicans and it is a testament to the dysfunctional state of conservatives. There is nothing President Obama can do to satisfy Republicans except resign, abolish Congress and the Constitution, and crown one of the Koch brothers king so they can end social programs by executive decree. Still, there will be no tax increases on the wealthy.

Americans claim they want both parties to compromise and work to fix the economy and create jobs, but as hard as Democrats are working to follow the will of the people, Republicans are working equally hard to obstruct their efforts. Republicans have made it clear they will never raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans or corporations regardless the concessions President Obama and Democrats make. The Republicans have also made it abundantly clear that they want all social programs eliminated at the behest of their Libertarian masters. If America were a representative democracy instead of a plutocracy, the voters would have a voice their elected officials followed. However, Republicans killed any semblance of democracy when a Black man was elected president.

For the record, the Christian extremists and teabaggers who support Republicans will not go unharmed when the Libertarian, neo-conservatives begin their purge of social programs. In fact they will be some of the first casualties because they are overwhelmingly old white people who subsist on Social Security and depend on Medicare. When the Libertarians who control the Republican Party eliminate all the social programs, they will not discriminate between good, hard-working Americans and bible-thumping, teabagging malcontents. The problem with the unrelenting greed that motivates Republicans is that it knows no distinction between good and bad; only the wealthy and the scum of the Earth. Chances are, if you are reading this article, you are not one of the wealthy; guess what’s in store for you?

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