Fox News Attacks Obama For Celebrating His Birthday

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Fox News hit a new level of petty today when they attacked President Obama for planning to celebrate his birthday.

Here is video of Fox and Friends via Media Matters:

After discussing a Marist poll that found 55% of Americans aren’t booking a summer vacation this year, Steve Doocy said, “Don’t tell President Obama that. Even with no debt deal, he is still planning swanky vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. Oh, and that August 2nd debt deadline that the President keeps referring to Armageddon? Well, the Commander in Chief has a birthday blow out planned for the very next day.” Doocy then brought in Dick Morris to talk about how “tone deaf” Obama is.

Fox News is now hammering Obama for celebrating his birthday, but they seem to have forgotten that while President Bush celebrated his birthday in 2004, four young American soldiers died in Iraq.

From The Smirking Chimp:

But, over the past four years, 193 young Americans have died during the month of the president’s birth: 56 died in July of 2005, 57 died in July of 2004, and 48 died in July of 2003. ” Last year, in the month George W. Bush was blowing out his candles, 42 young Americans perished in his war of choice in Iraq. It remains to be seen how many will die this July…

On the actual day of the president’s birthday in 2004, for example, the following U.S. servicemen gave their lives in Iraq: Marine PFC Rodricka A. Youmans of Allendale, South Carolina; Marine Cpl. Jeffrey D. Lawrence of Tucson, Arizona; Marine Lance Cpl. Justin Hunt of Riverside, California; and Marine Lance Corporal Scott Dougherty of Bradenton, Florida. The first three were 22 years old when they died. Corporal Dougherty was only 20.

Oh and that swanky Martha’s Vineyard vacation that Obama is going on? George W. Bush spent his second birthday in office flying his extended family on the taxpayers’ dime to Kennenbunkport, Maine to celebrate his birthday weekend. Bush also spent his first birthday in Maine too. Bush spent his 2006 birthday holding a private dinner party in a Chicago restaurant, and this man of the people spent his 2007 birthday partying at the White House with several PGA golf pros.

What Doocy neglected to tell viewers is that Obama has canceled vacations constantly during his presidency. The debt ceiling crisis already forced Obama to cancel a vacation to Montana in early July.

In fact according to Doocy’s own network, Fox News:

Obama previously had to cancel a short vacation in April to Williamsburg, Virginia during the height of the budget talks to fund the government. His last vacation was to Hawaii over the Christmas holiday. He was there for 12 days and returned January 4. The president has had to postpone the annual Hawaii trip for legislative work and also trips abroad because of the BP oil spill and the health care debate.

George W. Bush spent more days on vacation than John F. Kennedy spent as president
, but according to Fox News it is Barack Obama who is out of touch with America. Obama will likely do what he always does if there is no debt ceiling deal. He will cancel his vacation. If the country does default, don’t be surprised if Obama’s birthday bash gets rescheduled too.

If Obama does cancel, you can bet your bottom dollar that Fox News won’t be reporting that this president once again put his responsibilities to his country first.

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