The Politicus Pulse – July 19, 2011

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Welcome to the Politicus Pulse. Here are the links you need to see to get your day started off right. Consider this a cup of coffee for your mind.

Justice Department Filing Casts Doubt on Guilt of Bruce Ivins, Accused in Anthrax Case (ProPublica)

The Justice Department has called into question a key pillar of the FBI’s case against Bruce Ivins, the Army scientist accused of mailing the anthrax-laced letters that killed five people and terrorized Congress a decade ago.

The Truth in Pyongyang (Washington Monthly)

What the first systematic survey of North Korean refugees tells us about life inside the Hermit Kingdom, and about whether the regime might be ready to fall.

Chancellor Merkel’s Dangerous Lack of Passion For Europe (Der Spiegel)

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s European policy consists of grudgingly putting out fires. Her conservative Christian Democrats, traditionally staunchly pro-European, are concerned about her apparent lack of a vision for the EU. ‘She’s destroying my Europe,’ ex-Chancellor Helmut Kohl told one visitor recently.

Meet the ‘Keyzer Soze’ of Global Phone-Tracking (Wired)

Chances are you’ve never heard of TruePosition. If you’re an AT&T or T-Mobile customer, though, TruePosition may have heard of you. When you’re in danger, the company can tell the cops where you are, all without you knowing. And now, it’s starting to let governments around the world in on the search.

The CIA’s Secret Sites in Somalia (The Nation)

Renditions, an underground prison and a new CIA base are elements of an intensifying US war.

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