Eric Cantor Runs from The American People with Real Time Facebook Censorship

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Eric Cantor Facebook Cowardice

I don’t normally have time to engage in Facebook flashmobs, but when I heard the news that we were all invited to speak out on Eric Cantor’s wall, well, shucks! Seein’ as he’s holding the country up and shoving it to the brink of disaster with his Tea Party branding games, I thought I might take my ladylike self on over to his wall and say a few words.

Naturally, using the invite I had received, I invited my friends to participate as well:

Hello my quiet little friends….FYI, “there is a fb flashmob going on now on Eric Cantor’s wall. Please “like” his page so you can leave a message on his wall. The numbers are reaching critical.mass…..too many.for his admin to.keep.up.with! Please Participate!!!!”

So I went along and posted a comment telling Eric it was his job to deal with the debt ceiling and he needed to get to work. Up for a second, long enough to get replies, but as soon as I hit refresh? Gone! What? Surely a mistake. My comment could have come from anyone, left or right. What the heck?

I had imagined they’d be busy deleting the swearing and the general facts that Eric is allergic to, but never did I think they would be real time monitoring the page and deleting everyone. But sure as heck that’s what they’re doing, because each comment and response to my comment would be up for not even a few seconds and whammo — the live monitoring hammer would come down. And we wonder why the Republicans have no idea what Americans really want?

Here’s a hint, boys, when determining what Americans want, it helps if you allow the citizens to speak.

Finally in frustration, I wrote:

“Testing for censorship. Do you allow the American people to exercise their free speech on your FB wall, Rep Cantor?”

Responses (names redacted):

I got scrubbed.

so I left another.

I really hate to be fu*ked with.

I can tell you that for sure, NO .. All my posts were deleted the other day .. Ongoing joke was, Cantor did in fact create jobs, or at least one job, the person he hired to delete our comments .. SCREEN GRABS A BITCH THO .. Want some Sarah?

Been going on since Saturday .. even at 1AM PST they were deleting .. also, if you look at the post of his below his current post, most of the 4000 comments, which WERE NOT deleted are from anti Cantor people .. I’ll send you some grabs

Oh, so Cantor does this regularly now ever since his epic failure on the debt ceiling? All night long? Representative Cantor is killing free speech on his own Facebook Page as he tells Americans that he can’t make a compromise on the debt ceiling (or pass it as a clean bill) because the American people want him to cut spending. How would he know what we want? The little man can’t bear to hear what we think. Or even let it sit there for a minute or two before the next comment rolls along. But yes, Eric Cantor’s Facebook monitor may hold the only job Eric’s created in two years, so well done, I guess.

If there’s one thing that get’s under my skin it’s hubris in elected officials. So I took to Twitter:

• tried 2 post this on your FB: “The debt ceiling is your job, get to work + put your country first!” You censored that? REALLY? less than 5 seconds ago via web

• Eric Cantor flashmob FB date: Eric’s office very busy scrubbing citizens comments. Even the respectful MUST GO! 3 minutes ago via web

• Eric Cantor is a bigger cry baby than Sarah Palin. He won’t even allow the American people 2 leave comment on FB! #weak #coward #lame 3 minutes ago via web

ERIC CANTOR IS A COWARD. You can’t even leave a comment re the debt ceiling on his FB wall. He has a Free Speech Zone of ZILCH. COWARD!

After tweeting my outrage at Eric’s cowardice, I realized my mistake. Why not just show everyone what a little coward Eric Cantor is, by showing the sorts of things he has deleted from his wall?

Things like “Get to work, Eric!” Every other comment (critical or otherwise) was real time scrubbed too. PoliticusUSA contributor Thomas Bishop left this comment: “Here’s the facts, Jack: The Republicans have taken America hostage. The GOP is holding a bullet to Americans’ heads and issuing ransom demands.

The stance being taken by corporate profiteers and their representatives in Washington — opposing the closing of loopholes that benefit multinational corporations and the wealthy, and opposing the return of tax rates on the wealthy to the levels we had when our economy was thriving and our budget was balanced – and holding America hostage to a cataclysmic default unless drastic reductions are made to domestic programs, on our schools, on our infrastructure, on social security, Medicare, unemployment entitlements, on all the things that serve to give working people a chance at a dignified life — this is nothing less than an all out assault on the middle class and the working people of America.”

Up for 4 and a half minutes before it disappeared.”

Did it ever come back? More importantly, why was Thomas’ comment taken down in the first place? It wasn’t an angry rants full of swear words or racist ugly things. Ah, but there’s the mistake, as we shall soon find out.

I gathered the comments from my Facebook Page (their names have been redacted to protect the innocent) in reply to my invite:

left a message, got scrubbed so I left another and it’s gone

no one was there when i went, either. anyone got a link? the flash mob obviously got the wrong wall? i did see a profile for Eric Cantor is a douchebag.

Been there, left a message.

Wrote another which you can see on my wall because it’s no longer on his!!!!!!

I’m getting likes on my now non-existent comments on Eric Cantor’s page.

Left a message for representative (and I use that term loosely) Cantor.LOL’d when it occurred to me that most of the paltry 100K+ page likes he has are probably from folks like me.

Then, in an odd twist of fate, I was alerted that the moderator may be on lunch break because suddenly some comments are being allowed to stay up. However, as quickly as I heard that, more reports of being scrubbed came in. The good news is that I finally saw some comments on his page. Here’s a gem:

“Nixon raised the debt ceiling 9 times for a total increase of 36%.
Ford raised the debt ceiling 5 times for a total increase of 41%.
Reagan raised the debt ceiling 18 times for a total increase of 199%.
George H.W. Bush raised the debt ceiling 9 times for a total increase of 48%.
George W. Bush raised the debt ceiling 7 times for a total increase of 90%.
That was Ok. They were white republicans”.

Oh, ouch! Those facts had to sting.

Since the censoring/real time moderating thing has been going on since the weekend, it’s fair to say it’s in keeping with the same principles he uses at his office, where according to several reports, they routinely hang up on citizens without letting them speak. So while they did open the gates and start letting some critical comments through today, folks who’ve been camping out at his Facebook wall for days tell me that only started after he called in reinforcements who like to use the “n” word (code for the Tea Party has arrived!). Ah, democracy!

Good to know that they weren’t concerned about letting those kinds of comments stay. But if one were moderating for decency, wouldn’t one moderate racist comments? It makes me wonder what the point of his real time moderation system is. A simple check for a few keywords could keep out the undesirables.

Earlier, the Facebook page looked like “no one was there.” No one answers the phone, either. Just like Eric himself, no one is home. Just an empty puppet, running scared from the people because he cannot face the very people he is supposed to represent.

These are the people in whose hands we’ve entrusted the global economy. They can’t even figure out that letting people voice their opinion is the best way of diffusing mass rage. They won’t even give the people the satisfaction of thinking they might have been heard by having their aides answer their phones. They can’t even let people post a comment telling them to do their job on Facebook. Not only is this bad PR, but it’s plain stupid governing and even more ignorant strategy. It’s great that he is finally allowing comments to go through, but again, why the real time deleting of comments that were in no way offensive and would not have triggered any kind of keyword list for indecent comments?

They have most of us drugged into complacency with bad food and crap news, so all they need to do is figure out how to best deal with the 5 percent of us who are vocal. The best way to do that, if they are trying to get away with stealing all of the wealth from us, is to pretend like they are listening, so as to not start a revolution. But these clowns are too authoritarian to even grasp the most basic concept of lending the pretense of a democracy. It’s as if they want us to riot in the streets.

Turtle syndrome activated! Have ALEC, don’t need no constituents.

It’s not just that he can’t govern and is a Tea Party Koch tool who refused to condemn the birthers and while moderating and censoring comments leaves up the most offensive racist comments, but it turns out, he’s a giant fool. He can’t even effectively manage his own Facebook page.

Why is he in charge of our economy?

Republicans, and Eric Cantor specifically, love to take to the tee vee and talk about how Americans want them to do exactly what they’re doing. If that’s true, why is Representative Cantor too scared to let citizens post on his FB wall and why won’t they answer his phone? Since the first comment I left could have come from someone of either side of the aisle, I have to question if Eric Cantor is even listening to his own party members.

Just whom does Eric Cantor represent, anyway?

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