Debt Ceiling Crisis Reveals Who The GOP Really Works For

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In every country on Earth, citizens place trust in their elected officials to work for the good of the people and America is no different. In fact, voters choose candidates who make promises and commitments that reflect the will of the people and are expected to follow through on their campaign pledges even though there are times they may have to make difficult choices that benefit all the people, the country in general, and not just their supporters. The current mood of the country is that Congress is not working for the American people, and polls have shown that voters are disgusted with the partisan bickering and lack of progress in creating jobs and getting the economy moving in the right direction. However, as of late it is becoming evident to mainstream and independent voters that Republicans have no intention of compromising with Democrats to accomplish anything that does not enrich the oil industry, corporations, and the wealthy.

The defining moment that exposed Republicans as shills for the wealthy and corporations was the Paul Ryan-Heritage Foundation budget that privatizes Medicare and Medicaid to pay for more tax breaks for the richest Americans, corporations, and to continue awarding subsidies to the oil industry.  It is increasingly obvious that Republicans are working to keep the country on the brink of financial collapse in order to portray President Obama as ineffective even if it means higher unemployment and America defaulting on its debt commitment. To be fair to Republicans, they did promise that their only goal in 2009 was limiting Obama to one term, and if it means killing jobs, stifling economic growth, and increasing the debt with unfunded tax cuts, then in the words of Speaker of the House John Boehner, “so be it.”

The Republicans have kept their promise to obstruct President Obama by doing absolutely nothing to help the economy or create jobs, and Americans must realize that the GOP majority and teabaggers have broken their campaign promise to focus on jobs, jobs, jobs. The Republicans would have been more honest if their campaign pledge was to continue Bush-era policies that decimated the economy while they improved the bank accounts of the wealthiest Americans and killed jobs in the process.

Michele Bachmann is a lying imbecile, but for the first time in her political career, she was honest about hoping that unemployment remains high to bolster her chances of becoming president. Bachmann told CNBC that, “I hope higher unemployment will help my campaign.” Bachmann’s statement should have been on the front page of every newspaper in the country and on every network’s evening newscast, but conservative media is mesmerized by a skirt that talks and her statement is relegated to political blogs and a few liberal pundits’ programs. Bachmann vowed not to vote to raise the debt limit because, in her words, “we can’t keep spending money that we don’t have,” even though she voted for the Heritage-Ryan budget that adds $6 trillion to the national debt in ten years.  Like all Republicans, Bachmann is happy continuing Bush-era economic policy and raising the nation’s debt if it benefits corporations and wealthy Americans at the expense of the middle class, seniors and children, and the poor.

Bachmann is representative of Republicans who are not concerned with solving America’s economic problems and seriously addressing the national debt. Last Saturday night, John Boehner said that he would look for a deal on deficit reduction that was half what the White House sought because the president was holding firm to creating more tax revenue with a modest increase in taxes on the wealthy. President Obama took Republicans at their word when they said they were serious about reducing the nation’s debt, but he failed to recognize that asking for Republicans to raise taxes on the wealthy was tantamount to asking them to prostrate themselves in an act of obeisance to Satan. Boehner commented that, “Despite good-faith efforts to find common ground, the White House will not pursue a bigger debt reduction agreement without tax hikes.” It is incredibly diabolical that Boehner and Republicans claim America’s deficit is a serious problem, but are unwilling to abandon their “no tax increase for the wealthy” god and then blame the White House for not acting in good faith to find common ground.

Republicans are drawing a line in the sand and in doing so, are willing to destroy the nation’s economy. They are not interested in finding common ground because unlike President Obama, they are not looking for solutions to help the country or the American people. They are also not interested in following the will of the American people who have overwhelmingly supported raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans. One of Republicans’ stated goals was allegedly reducing the deficit and instead of President Obama’s $4 trillion deficit reduction plan, are only willing to cut $2 trillion by slashing Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security without increasing revenue with tax increase on the wealthy. By going with a smaller plan, the reductions will be paid for by the poor, middle class, and seniors in the Republican version of “shared sacrifice.”

One conservative pundit said that Republicans have been given every concession they asked for and are still unwilling to compromise and it may spell disaster for them in the 2012 elections. The American people may be stupid, but they are smart enough to see that every concession has been made by Democrats, and that Republicans still balk at taking the generosity and acquiescence of spineless Democrats so they can tell their wealthy donors they held the line on a modest tax increase. However, for a change, President Obama said that he would not “back off” efforts toward a comprehensive effort at solving America’s debt. Any reasonable human being and even idiotic conservative householders understand that at some point, increasing revenue is necessary to keep the country operating.

Republicans have broken every promise they made during the 2010 midterm campaign, and besides refusing to seriously address the budget and deficit; they have made absolutely no effort to create jobs. The Republicans’ worn out canard that tax cuts for the wealthy and eliminating regulations are sound fiscal policy are what put the economy in the tank and will never create jobs or grow the economy. But that is their goal. If they do not get their way and return to the disastrous economic policies of 2001-2009, they will let America’s economy go into depression by defaulting on our debt.

Although nothing will ever change Republicans’ devotion to their “no tax increase for the wealthy” god, there is something President Obama can do. Since conservative media refuses to do its job of reporting Republican malfeasance and attempts to destroy the economy, the president must address the nation and lay out the Republican’s obstructionist policies that are killing jobs and hurting the economy. President Obama must start giving twice-a-week television addresses during prime time on every network to explain to the American people the differences between Republican economic policy and his own. Most American people never hear what Boehner, Bachmann, and the rest of the job-killing Republicans say about supporting economic collapse and higher unemployment to characterize Obama as a failure. The President must stop trusting that Republicans will compromise or make political sacrifices for the good of the country, and he must educate and explain to the American people why a modest tax increase on the wealthiest Americans coupled with prudent spending cuts are the only way to grow the economy and create jobs.

If the president is worried that Americans do not see him and Democrats as making concessions and compromises that will benefit the entire country, then he has to tell them. However, based on the push-back and opposition the Ryan-Heritage Medicare privatization scam elicited, Obama will not have a difficult time making his case. In every Republican controlled state, voters are showing signs of buyers’ remorse and there will never be a better time to show the stark differences between the Democratic efforts to help all Americans and the Republicans’ work for the wealthy and their corporations. President Obama has said that all parties have to make political sacrifices for the good of the country, but if he tells the truth to the American people, a 15 minute television addresses will be all the sacrifice he will need to make.

Republicans are deliberately decimating the country’s economy and there is so much evidence to prove their malfeasance, it is foolish to ignore the opportunity to show the people what they created by giving Republicans the power to revert to Bush-era policies. Even the stupidest Americans can remember what Bush-Republican policies did to the economy just four years ago, and if a fifteen minute television address twice a week jogs their memory, it is imprudent to pass up the opportunity. Barack Obama is many things, but imprudent is not one of them, and since he does care about America and its people, it should be a simple task to help these ignorant Republican and teabagger supporters see that Democrats are actually working for the American people. Conversely, it will be simple to show Republicans only care about the wealthy, their vile corporations, and their evil, “no tax increase for the wealthy” god.


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