Ally Claims Bigots Are Persecuting Marcus and Michele Bachmann

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As if we haven’t already had enough “persecuted Christianity” nonsense lately, Bryan Fischer has entered the fray on behalf of the Bachmanns, claiming that the bigoted and hypocritical couple are “victims.” He says the “attack on them [is] a blatant example of religious bigotry” and a “hate crime” because of their sexual orientation [!]:

The Bible teaches that a change in sexual orientation is possible. This is a biblical principle, it is a biblical proclamation, it is a biblical assertion and Marcus Bachmann and his wife Michele Bachmann believe that. They believe that sexual orientation, a change in sexual orientation, is possible because that’s what the Bible teaches. So that makes this attack on them a blatant example of religious bigotry.

They have been the victims of religious discrimination. They have been the victims of religious bigotry, of bigotry and discrimination and hatred that is directed against them because of their religious beliefs. In other words, this is bordering on a hate crime. You could also make the point that this bigotry against the Bachmanns is based on their sexual orientation. They have a heterosexual orientation and pro-homosexual bigots are trying to discriminate against them, they’re trying to threaten them, they’re trying to harass them because of their normal orientation, their heterosexual orientation.

Aren’t those heterosexual white Christians always the victims?

The point Fischer misses (he misses so many!) is that the Bible is irrelevant. That’s fine if she wants to believe (and he wants to believe along with her) that the Bible says this or that. But it’s not fine to pretend the Bible is the law of the land. It is not. It has never been. Fischer and Bachmann have a right to their opinions but the Bible does not magically negate our right and our freedom to disagree, and to say so.

Yes somehow, they believe they can say whatever they want and it’s free speech and freedom of religion but if we disagree it’s persecution and bigotry.

You can’t be much more messed up in the head than a 21st century Republican. They have the worst of all worlds – a bizarre and unsupportable political ideology wedded to an equally bizarre and unsupportable religious doctrine. It’s no wonder the world can never meet their expectations. They have put themselves so far outside of the bounds of recognized reality that they will always be able to present themselves as persecuted. Of course, so are cockroaches.

Not that I’m comparing Republicans to cockroaches because I’d never do that…after all, Republicans are a heck of lot less resilient than cockroaches and really, they’re not worthy of the comparison.

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