The Koch Brothers Chose Michele Bachmann as 2012 GOP Puppet

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Bachmann Koch Puppet

What is it about extremist Christian Dominionist Republicans that makes you think Koch whore?

Maybe Governor Walker. Maybe Tea Party “queen” Sarah Palin. Maybe the Koch brothers Bircher evolution into the modern day Tea Party. Whatever. You have your reasons.

Well, now you have one more.

Mother Jones tells us the Koch money is all over our New Lady of the Old Testament, Michele Bachmann:

(W)hen it comes to the 2012 presidential race, the Kochs have been more selective with their giving, with only one presidential candidate so far benefiting from their largesse: Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.).
In late May, KochPAC, as Koch Industries’ PAC is known, donated $10,000 in one day to Bachmann-linked committees—$5,000 to her 2012 congressional re-election committee and $5,000 to her political action committee, MICHELE PAC, according to the most recent records available. (That’s short for Many Individual Conservatives Helping Elect Leaders Everywhere PAC.) The two checks weren’t KochPAC’s first contributions to Bachmann. According to federal campaign records, the committee has given $25,000 to the Minnesota congresswoman since 2006, excluding the May donation.

So, do the Koch brothers have a puppet finder tool or do these folks find each other on the shallow end of the GOP’s talking points by accident? Maybe we need our own chant. When I say “Bircher”, you say “Bachmann”. Bircher, Bachmann. Bircher! Bachmann!

That does it for today’s Dominionist follow the money to the corporate puppet game. Check in tomorrow to see what other rights you might be losing in the name of Jesus’ new Biblical truth that only the rich go to heaven.

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