GOP Demands $55 Million Taxpayer Dollars For 2012 Convention Security

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Republicans have been telling us that America can’t afford Social Security, Medicare, or unemployment, but they want taxpayers to foot the bill for $55 million worth of security at the 2012 GOP convention.

This is what the GOP’s fiscal conservatism really looks like.

The video from My Fox Tampa Bay:

Buckhorn pushes for funds for RNC security:

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn was in full give us money or the terrorists win mode, “We need to make sure that the nominee and the delegates are safe because God forbid there be an incident… This is a national security event. They’ve got to live up to their obligation. And yes, it’s a lot of money. But without that money, we would have almost an impossible task trying to put this on.”

In typical Republican fashion, they want the money RIGHT NOW!!!! The RNC host committee’s Ken Jones said, “We need the money soon. We can’t wait until next year. We have to have it this year. That’s very important.”

Sadly, Bob Buckhorn is a Democrat. Mayor Buckhorn does have some legitimate concerns. In the current economic environment, no US city could afford to foot the bill for such an event. The mayor is worried that DC is going to leave him high and dry and his city will lose the convention.

However, I disagree with both Mayor Buckhorn and Ken Jones that the only way for the 2012 GOP convention to be able to afford security is if the taxpayers get stuck with the bill. Why can’t the RNC show us how effective the private sector can be and raise the money themselves? I am sure the Koch Brothers would be glad to cut a check to get the ball rolling.

Republicans are always telling the American public that the big government is a waste, so instead of paying Tampa police for security, why don’t they just award a no bid contract to Xe? Before we let Republicans privatize our schools, prisons, and every other public asset that isn’t nailed down, they should use themselves as a case study. Find a private contractor that will provide top notch comprehensive security for less than $55 million, then we’ll be glad to discuss privatization.

Republicans have been telling us that we can’t afford Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, Veterans benefits, public education, unemployment benefits, and even in some extreme cases police and firefighters. If we can’t afford basic public services, then where is the money supposed to come from for us to pay for security at the GOP convention?

If we are too broke to take care of seniors, vets, the disabled, and the poor, then we are also too broke pay for people to work the door at your self-congratulatory four day kegger.

Sorry GOP, but we’re broke. Remember?

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