NIKE CEO Says NO To American Workers

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Nike is the world’s largest shoe maker. Some Nike sneakers are selling for over 200 dollars a pair, while the teenage workers in their factories make less than 40 cents an hour, or 16 dollars a week.

Labor activist and film maker Michael Moore interviewed Nike CEO, Phil Knight. Phil Knight stated his goal is to make Nike as good of a company he can make it. Unfortunately, being a good company is no longer providing a quality product as well as a good paying job. What it means is making the share holders as much money as possible at the peril of American workers.

Phil also stated that Americans do not want to make shoes. This is a lie! A scapegoat, he used to excuse his business decisions. The reason why I say this, one of their competitors “New Balance” makes sneakers in the US and work boot manufacturer, Red Wing makes high quality foot wear for tradesmen in our country.

Nike has been accused multiple times for human rights violations etc, but that is not the point of this article. I want to focus on the attitude of executives who make business decisions based ONLY on profitability and increasing that profit for shareholders regardless of the consequences to the American people, who I call the “stakeholders”.

Here is the video made by Mr. Moore regarding the interview with the CEO of Nike, Phil Knight:

In 2010 Nike CEO, Mark Parker, received compensation valued at $13.1 million, a more than 84 percent increase from the year before, according to an Associated Press analysis.

The conservatives will tell the American people that it is our taxes and regulation that drive businesses overseas, this is also a BIG LIE!

Back in 2009, as reported by Beijing Today, Nike closed it’s last fully owned shoe factory in Taichang, Jiangsu Province. According to a spokesperson, they stated increasing production costs , AKA, higher wages.

Local reports said workers laid off from Taichang had a compensatory dispute with the factory manager. Neither side would reveal the details. Zhu said they recommend workers find jobs in Feng Tay’s factories in Fujian Province and will continue to cooperate with the local government to ensure preferential compensation.

Once again, the capitalist wins and the workers lose. How much longer will Republican voters continually support a party that promotes this activity?

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