Michele Bachmann Shrugs Off Her Blatant Lies With No Sign of Shame

Jul 14 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

When watching Michele Bachmann speak, I’m often reminded of the doll I had a child, who would speak any number of various phrases when you pulled her strings. Bachmann gave a few interviews in the past several days that took that feeling to a whole new level. I see no evidence that when she is confronted with her own lies she even grasps what’s being said to her. It’s like she comes with talking points and dialogue only goes one way. There’s no evidence of shame, which is the normal human emotion when caught lying. There’s not even a flinch of discomfort. She’s taken what used to be Stepford Wife syndrome to a whole new level this week, and I’m seriously wondering if there isn’t something wrong with her.

Watch for yourself:

Bachmann refuses to answer questions about ex-gay clinics.

And here’s the rotting cherry on top of the already rotten sundae: Michele Bachmann Refuses To Answer Question About How Some Of Her “Facts” Are Completely False.

See the affect? Her face doesn’t even look frozen anymore, it’s as if she hears nothing and believes that no one else hears anyone but her as well. She’s doubled down on the barbie look with triple layer false eyelashes and glossy lips. Does she think that suffices?

If I ran into this woman in my personal life and this is how she conducted herself, I would question her capacity for morality. Normal people do not get busted overtly lying and think it doesn’t matter. A normal politician might try to back track and explain, they might try to accuse the fact-checker of bias, but they would not ignore it completely and keep droning on with the same unblinking smile.

There’s something rotten in Denmark and I don’t think it’s just her husband’s gay fixing clinic on the federal teat.

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