Donors Flee As Sarah Palin’s 15 Minutes Of Fame Comes To A Close

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With the news that Sarah Palin’s PAC was only able to raise $1.562 million and has only had 24,000 donors in 6 months, we may be watching the end of Sarah Palin’s Paris Hiltonesque fame.

No matter how you look at it SarahPAC’s six month fundraising totals are bad. Palin took in less than 1.6 million dollars. She only had 24,000 contributors who made 36,000 donations. According the National Journal,

Despite spending most ($1.592 million) of that figure in the same fundraising period – $65,000 on other candidates and a $18,700 donation to the Young America’s Foundation – the PAC has $1.402 million cash on hand.

The supposed Alaskan fiscal conservative spent almost as much money as she took in over the last half year. As you can see above, Sarah did not spend that cash on helping the Republican cause. Nope, Sarah spent the money promoting Sarah.

Here is Palin on Hannity last night trying to keep the hype alive by teasing a possible presidential run:

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The whole idea that Sarah Palin could jump into the presidential race late and be a factor was predicated on her ability to raise money, but what happens now that the money is no longer coming in? In politics, a figure’s degree of relevancy is related to their ability to raise money. If Palin can’t raise money, then she is no longer relevant.

Her bus tour obviously wasn’t the cash cow that SarahPAC hoped for, and my guess is that the reason why it was canceled has a lot to do with these fundraising numbers. The bus tour was a publicity stunt which was designed to thrust Sarah Palin back into the spotlight and get the cash flowing again. It didn’t work. The old adage that you have to spend money to make money only applies if you actually make money.

SarahPAC was so desperate to jack up their fundraising numbers that they were giving away copies of her mock documentary “The Undefeated” in exchange for a $100 donation. Apparently, they didn’t give away too many DVDs. When you put it all together, Sarah Palin’s declining book sales, her less than capacity crowds at speaking engagements, and the unmitigated failure of daughter Bristol’s book the cumulative picture it paints is that of a celebrity in decline.

Ironically, this declining stardom may end up being the exact reason why Sarah Palin runs for president. A presidential campaign would be Sarah Palin’s final desperate stab at reviving her brand. Nothing would reinvigorate and inspire her loyal followers more than Palin chasing the Republican nomination. Her supporters have been waiting for her to run for president since the 2008 election. If Palin gives them anything less, she’s finished.

As these terrible fundraising numbers illustrate, if Sarah Palin wants to keep making money she had better run for president.

Never has someone in politics gotten so much fame for doing so little, but Sarah Palin is running on fumes.

Her fame clock is at 14 minutes, and only a presidential run can keep her celebrity clock from expiring.

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