Republicans Would Rather Destroy America Than Work With Obama

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America has struggled with racism since the beginning of the nation and regardless of the Founding Fathers’ profound proclamation that “all men are created equal,” there has never been full acceptance or equal rights for anyone who is not a white Christian male. Despite the Civil War, the Civil Rights movement, or the election of an African-American president, America remains a racist country and it is manifesting itself in the Republican Party and the plethora of neo-conservative offshoots like the teabagger movement. Whether it is because white people see the demographics of the country are changing to include more Hispanics, Asians, and African-Americans as a force that will soon make Caucasians the minority, or just plain hatred of non-white human-beings, racism plays an important role in every aspect of American government and no human being is more affected than President Barack Obama.

The president, over the past two-and-a-half years, has made every concession to Republicans and acquiesced to all of the conservative’s demands so they will accept him as “one of them” to move the country forward and still, he cannot do the one thing that will win over the racists; change his skin color. Obama has obeyed the likes of Donald Trump and presented his long-form birth certificate to prove he is indeed an American citizen, and during the 2008 campaign, he left his church because his critics characterized the preacher as a Black subversive and un-American, but it has not quelled the opposition to the president; because he is still an African-American.

Whether the president understands the unreasonableness of the GOP stems from racism or not, those who observe his right-leaning policies are left with no other explanation than either he is really a Reagan conservative, or he is pandering to the neo-cons to appear whiter to advance his agenda. That may seem to be an outlandish claim, but in view of the mounting evidence, there is no other explanation that makes any sense whatsoever. Don’t believe it? Let’s review the evidence.

The health care reform law was an historic achievement that changed two or three unfair insurance industry practices that took advantage of policy holders’ with pre-existing conditions, put lifetime limits on coverage, and prohibited keeping children on a parent’s policy for a couple of extra years, but the truth is somewhat different.  There was a clue that the health law was a gift to the insurance industry when the president procured their endorsement of the reform. The health law gives the industry 30-40 million new policy holders with a mandate enforced by the full authority of the Federal government, and if a white president had accomplished such a feat, his image would grace Mount Rushmore and a national holiday would be designated in his honor. There is nothing any conservative could do that was any more business friendly except turn over the entire Federal Government’s operation to Koch Industries.

In December when President Obama made an “historic” agreement to extend the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of Americans for two years in exchange for 13 months of unemployment benefits, it engendered outrage from the left for giving up too much to conservatives. There is little doubt that Obama had to extend the Bush tax cuts to get the unemployment insurance extension and tax cuts for the rest of the country to stimulate the economy, but it was hardly a fair trade-off. If the unemployment extensions were for the same time period as the wealthy’s tax cuts, it would have been more equitable, but it was not, and frankly, Obama was fortunate enough to catch the Republicans at a time they were feeling Christian-Christmas generous. If Obama had followed his heart and the spineless Democratic majority had supported him, he could have brokered a deal that extended middle-class and low-income tax cuts, unemployment insurance extensions, and let the wealthy’s tax cuts expire, but fear of displeasing racists in their constituencies prohibited a deal that would have helped the economy, created jobs, and increased desperately needed revenue.

President Obama has increased defense spending when the country’s infrastructure is crumbling, went to the Chamber of Commerce to ask for support to foster job creation, and increased funding for the unconstitutional faith-based initiatives with taxpayer dollars because it is what a good white conservative is expected to do to garner support from Republicans. Now, the president is struggling to get support to raise the debt ceiling that George Bush had no problems with for 8 years because, although the country’s debt was skyrocketing, Bush was a white Christian male; how could he lose? Obama is presiding over the lowest tax rates in over 60 years, but teabaggers and Republicans convinced racists the Black man in the Oval Office is raising taxes on white Americans to pay off his African-American supporters. The president has even begun calling Social Security and Medicare entitlement programs when working Americans pay into those programs with every paycheck. The president must know by now that it does not matter how often he uses false labels like the conservatives in Congress, he is still an African-American and Republicans oppose him for that one reason.

This is not an indictment of President Obama; quite the contrary. Obama has made historic achievements in spite of the racist opposition from Republicans and there are great things he can still achieve but it will take a Herculean task of changing the way the American people think. This is also not an indictment of the entire population, although the racist element, like the religious element, has sway over decent Americans who get caught up in the fervor of hating a man because of the color of his skin instead of the quality of his character; or his political leanings.

The president has the misfortune of leading a country that allowed Republicans to decimate the economy to enrich the wealthy and corporations, and because they have support from racists, have convinced a large segment of the population that the economy is President Obama’s fault. No self-respecting half-wit believes that 8 years of Bush malfeasance is preferable to the growth and recovery President Obama has presided over unless they are poisoned with racism. The degree of racism can be measured by the brazen, racist remarks of Michele Bachmann that blamed “the first African-American president” for black children’s misfortune of living during his term as president instead of the luxuriant time of 1860’s legal slavery.

President Obama has articulated that he is president of the entire country and must consider the needs of every citizen as well as the country’s security and economy, and he has attempted to govern from a Centrist position, but in order to garner support and compromise from the Republicans who are running the country, he has leaned farther right than some Blue Dog Democrats. Unfortunately, he will never be conservative enough because he has often embraced GOP ideas only to be rejected by Congressional Republicans. Many pundits have commented that the president should ask for the opposite of what he really wants to trick Republicans into supporting his ideas, but it would still be impossible to garner support because Republicans would oppose him and then change their minds; because he is Black. There is no other reason. Republicans could not even help themselves from denying the President any credit for killing Osama bin Laden and spent weeks praising Bush even though the hapless Bush said he didn’t think or care about Bin Laden within a few months of the terror attacks on 9/11.

Shortly after President Obama won the 2008 election, it appeared that Americans had shed the racism that polluted this allegedly equal country, but that brief respite was an aberration. The rise of the teabagger movement signaled racists around the country that it was once again fashionable to hate a human being based on the color of their skin. Racism is a vile, rotting disease like cancer that has metastasized to every segment of society and has even infected the religious community in the form of anti-Muslim sentiment to the point of states passing prohibitions on establishing Sharia Law as the law of the land. It is a ridiculous notion, but that is what racism does to people; it blinds them to any sense of reason and moral decency. Americans are witnessing the decline of reason in governing every day because Republicans cannot escape their malignant hatred of the President of the United States because he is black.

President Obama has done his part to ameliorate the contempt Republicans have for his race, and short of appointing the Koch brothers and KKK members to the Supreme Court or exterminating African-Americans en masse, he will never have any support from any Republican. If opposition to Obama was truly about his agenda or policies, the Republicans could be excused, but that is not the case. Obama has bent over backward to move to the right to garner Republican support on a number of issues and the GOP still opposes him; even over their own ideas and policies. The president has to face the reality that regardless of how much of a Reagan conservative he becomes, it will never be enough. There are only a couple of options available to President Obama; he can resign and admit he should never have been allowed to run for president because a Black man is not an American, or he can stop acquiescing to every right-wing-nut-job policy position just to be accepted by Republicans.

Regardless of what the president does, he first has to understand that Republicans will never like, support, or compromise with him because like all vile racists, Republicans are consumed with hate for a Black man sitting in the Oval Office. It should be evident by now that Republicans will destroy America before they will work with President Obama regardless how much he tries to be like Ronald Reagan. If President Obama could turn white, Republicans would deify him based on his policies, but that will not happen.

The only way to stop cancer is to kill it or cut it out. Racism, although as deadly as cancer, is not tangible and even though it is infecting Republicans, teabaggers, and their supporters, it cannot be cut out or killed. Unfortunately the only way to kill racism is to kill the carrier and at this point, being a vile racist is not against the law because if it were, every Republican in Congress would be in prison and that is not such a bad idea.

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