Obama Gives Firebaggers 86 Million Reasons Why They Don’t Matter

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Remember those far left progressives who threatened to withhold donations to President Obama’s reelection campaign? After raising $86 million, the President and his supporters have proven their irrelevance.

The far left was outraged that President Obama would fathom reforming entitlements. The Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) sent out an email to their supporters in April asking their supporters to tell the White House, “President Obama: If you cut Medicare and Medicaid benefits for me, my parents, my grandparents, or families like mine, don’t ask for a penny of my money or an hour of my time in 2012. I’m going to focus on electing bold progressive candidates — not Democrats who help Republicans make harmful cuts.”

That sure sounds spooky. I’ll bet it had Obama For America quaking in their boots.

Well, maybe not.

The Obama campaign had 552,462 donors who made more than 680,000 donations. 98% of the donations were for $250 or less, and the average donation was $69.

The point is that groups like the PCCC and others who shall remain nameless get lots of media attention, but they really don’t represent Obama’s base. MSNBC loves these people because they scream loudly, and they never hesitate to be controversial by bashing Obama. They make for good TV, but are they relevant to the President and to the rest of us on the left?

The short answer is no.

There is a segment of the left that has turned bashing Obama into a lucrative cottage industry for themselves. When have any of these people ever successfully mobilized the left for a campaign? Their record, which is something they never talk about while raising money, is less than stellar. They are the failure wing of the Democratic Party. If this collective were to be embodied by a presidential candidate, they would be Walter Mondale.

They have a right and a duty just like we all do to criticize any political figure when we believe that they are going in the wrong direction, but if you think for one second that the PCCC or any of the firebaggers were going to support Obama in 2012, I’ll have some of what you’re smoking. These are people whose claim to fame is Obama bashing.

Their self-righteousness while leveling criticisms that are more in line with the Tea Party and Fox News than any progressive agenda never ceases to amaze.

I am constantly hopeful that the day will arrive when a truly forward thinking agenda can be implemented, but it will never happen if we only look for one man or woman do it. The real change that has to be made isn’t at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., but in a Congress where too many Democrats aren’t interested in a real leftward agenda. A liberal Senate would have never included Ben Nelson of Nebraska who singlehandedly killed universal health care. A truly brave and forward thinking body would never have been forced to court the vote of Joe Liebermann.

Any president has to work with the Congress that they are given. If you want a real progress, then give this president the people who can help him deliver it. The previous Congress may have been Democratic, but it wasn’t progressive/liberal. If the far left was sincerely interested in delivering real change, they would be putting their money where it would do the most good.

Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of contributor dollars on anti-Obama television ads, why not give that money to candidates who are in close races?

It is a good question, but it is based on the flawed assumption that these individuals are sincerely interested in change. Their real motive is always media attention. The media grants them relevancy and keeps those contributions flowing. An anti-Obama campaign will get them on the tee-vee in a way that devoting all their time and resources towards electing candidates never could.

Too many in the media have been fooled into believing that the firebaggers speak for the left. They don’t. The media’s behavior also feeds the illusion that the firebaggers are relevant to Obama and 2012. They aren’t.

Nothing angers a firebagger more than when you point out that their efforts don’t matter to Obama. This president has his own large group of donors and voters. He doesn’t need the far left, and it is his independence from them that has earned Obama their perpetual wrath.

The dirtiest little firebagger secret of all is that after their temper tantrums and hysterics are long gone, in the privacy of the voting booth, the vast majority of them will vote to reelect Barack Obama.

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