Sen. Scott Brown Met With The Kochs But Has Not Held A Town Hall

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It’s the people’s seat! That is how Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) was elected to the late Ted Kennedy’s seat, along with his barn coat and pick-up truck. Since being elected to “The People’s Seat, Senator Scott Brown has not met with the people in a town hall meeting. Sure he has met people at political events and held meetings with the Chambers of Commerce and a few times with the local fishing industry. But he has not been accessible to the general public for an open Q&A at all since being elected.

In a recent interview this week with me on WBSM AM 1420 while I was a guest host, Democratic Party Chair John Walsh, let loose on the Senator. He said “I think what Senator Brown and those people that are advising him, are telling him, is that to stay away from open ended situations,stay away from circumstances where he doesn’t know what is going to be asked.”

Here is the audio:

From the Boston Herald,
“Brown spokesman Colin Reed acknowledged the senator hasn’t yet scheduled a town hall meeting, but said the senator’s attended more than 200 events across Massachusetts and is focused on creating jobs.”

Does this sound like the people’s seat anymore? It sure didn’t take him long to evade the public or even the press for that matter, as the Boston Globe points out after my interview on the radio.

“Since taking office, Brown has been selective in his interaction with the public and media, favoring speeches over question-and-answer sessions, ducking out of meeting halls before reporters can reach him, and using videos, press releases, and op-ed columns to disseminate his views in a non-interactive fashion.”

This summer D.C. goes on vacation. Let’s see if Senator Brown, the man who campaigned on bringing the seat Ted Kennedy held for many years, back to the people, will actually MEET with the people.

According to the Massachusetts Democratic Party website, which has a counter on it since my interview with Chairman Walsh, it’s been 520 days,today that Senator Scott Brown was elected and has not met with the people in an open town hall forum.

Currently there are 6 Democrats vying for this “people’s seat”, but all of them are far behind in name recognition, also of course monetarily. As long as Senator Brown continues to evade public scrutiny he will be able to avoid tough questions.

This is not the “People’s seat” any longer, this seat belongs to the Koch Brothers and other special big money interests, who Scott Brown HAS actually met with.

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