Ron Paul Thinks Armed Passengers at 30,000 Feet Is a Good Idea

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Ron Paul (R-TX) who always wants to be president and who is a rather conservative libertarian wants to allow people to carry firearms onto jumbo-jets because, well, if they had let people do that back before 9/11, the attack on the Twin Towers would never have taken place. The passengers would have just capped those terrorists like old-time pistoliers – the American way.

Yes, firearm restrictions “set the stage for 9/11” said Ron Paul on FOX News (video from MSNBC, courtesy of Think Progress):

The problem with letting people carry guns around is, of course, that they tend to shoot people with them. And not always people who need to be shot, even when they’re trying to shoot people that need to be shot. And who is to say one of the fine upstanding and well-armed American citizens sitting next to, in front of, or behind you, is not going to hijack the plane or just decide he wants to fly it into the White House to punish President Obama for being a un-American Muslim, or for cap and trade, or because he thinks Obama is killing jobs?

I mean, it’s not like any conservatives with guns have recently shot anyone…oh wait…

Because we’re not talking about carrying guns into churches or bars or shopping malls (other brilliant conservative ideas). We’re talking about jumbo-jets at 30,000 feet. When the shooting starts, you can’t just pop open the door and run into the street – not at six miles above our heads. Bad things happen at that altitude.

Perhaps we need to introduce Ron Paul to the idea of innocent people being shot by idiots. It’s bad enough a hijacker might be trying to kill passengers, but we’re supposed to deal with he threat of panicked civilians shooting up an airline cabin at 30,000 feet? Sure, we may not see any explosive decompression like in the movies but there are plenty of people to be hit by indiscriminate firing, including  innocent men, women, children…and oh yes…pilots.

Planes you see, are not like cars. Not just anybody can fly one, let alone land one. And not with the instrumentation shot up by a bunch of people indiscriminently firing their guns.

Of course, it will only be good, solid, white, Christian American citizens carrying those firearms onto jumbo-sets high over the skies of North America, because Ron Paul also supports the practice of racial profiling. Apparently, not letting some people fly because their religion or their skin color isn’t the same as Ron Paul’s, is superior to the invasive searches now being performed at airport security checkpoints. Better to kick the brown people with their funny religion off the plane than let good, white, Christian Americans have their body cavities groped and searched.

The problem with Ron Paul is that he is not really a libertarian at all. For one thing, he is running as a Republican candidate, not a libertarian. That should be proof enough for anybody. For another, he is a conservative Christian who supports conservative social positions the same as any other Republican (for example, anti-Women’s Reproductive Rights and anti-Wall of Separation). One study even shows Ron Paul to be the most conservative of the 3000+ members of congress to serve from 1937 to 2002. [1]Ron Paul is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

And now he wants to give passengers guns at 30,000 feet so they can play vigilante with our lives.


[1] Poole, Keith T. (2004-10-13). “Is John Kerry A Liberal?”. VoteView.



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