Humiliation British Style: Celebs Take On News of the World

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Hugh Grant on News of the World Hacking

If ever you’ve wanted to be stunned with delight, listen to the British when they’re angry; linguistic pleasures abound. Rather humbling for this country, for whom it often seems “troll” and “Koolaid” are the height of our collective abilities in the insult department.

Tonight I give you Steve Coogan, Hugh Grant and John Finnemore as they each carve up News of the World and serve us the tattered, demoralized left overs to pick over at our leisure, like maybe the next time Fox “News” tries to ruin this nation (also known as “airing a show”). Here are the boys of Britain dueling with News of the World clown Paul McMullen. It’s the hors d’œuvre round of a meal we’ve all been awaiting for years. Dig in, and remember, this is just the teaser.

Steve Coogan and Greg Dyke unite to rip Paul McMullen, deputy features editor of News of the World, apart on Newsnight:

Actor Hugh Grant has been speaking about how he recorded a conversation between himself and Paul McMullen, in which the journalist revealed details of phone hacking by the media.

Comedian John Finnemore lacerates Rebekah Brook and News International:

Oh, Britain…you’re so clever now, but if Murdoch gets his BSkyB deal, in ten years you’ll all sound like Americans; 30% of you won’t know fact from fiction and you’ll be fighting the Murdoch drones over how World War II ended, as they insist that Hilter was right. Don’t say we never did anything for you, friends. Count this as Paul Revere finally warning the British like President Palin says he did: The Murdoch is coming! The Murdoch is coming!

It will descend upon your national IQ with deadly precision.

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