Political Talk Radio Deploys Another Murderous Obama Seeking Missile

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41 year old James McVay sits in a Dane County, Wisconsin jail for murdering Maybelle Schein, a 75 year old woman from Sioux Falls, South Dakota whom he viewed as “collateral damage” on his way to assassinate President Obama over his “debt ceiling policies”. McVay says he was sitting in jail listening to political talk radio when his plot to kill the president was hatched.

He showed no remorse over his killing of Schein, saying, “People die every day on the way to accomplish a mission.” He claims she was just the first person to be killed on his way to kill the President, with whose “policies” he does not agree. McVay does not believe that voting Obama out of office is a solution to this problem, and claims that his murdering the President would be doing the world a favor. He views his plot to assassinate the United States President as a “war”.


Conversation with 41-year-old James McVay revolves around a very sensitive subject…the man chained and sitting behind a thick sheet of glass insists he will still be able to kill the president despite being in jail. In fact McVay says he would have been doing the world a favor by murdering President Barack Obama.

McVay says the only reason he was caught was his own silly mistake and shows no remorse for the vicious attack and murder of Maybelle Schein.

“In fact I’d do it again and again and again to take care of my mission,” says McVay.

When it comes to his agenda, he says the plot was born while sitting in solitary confinement….a plan that actually started with killing Vice President Joe Biden, but McVay says while sitting in his cell listening to political talk radio he decided he could do more…saying Obama is the real problem.

McVay says, “I finally stood up to decide to do something about it and so what? People die on the way to me accomplishing the mission. People die every day in wars so why are you making a big deal about mine?”

When talking about his recent slaying, McVay calls the murder of Schein collateral damage and says he would have killed many more. He claims she was just the first person to get killed on his way to President Obama. And as shocking as it sounds, McVay says getting caught will not foil his ultimate quest to kill the most powerful man in America.

See video of prison interview with James McVay here.

Further excerpts from the interview courtesy of NBC15 reveal:

McVay says waiting to try to vote Obama out of office will not due.

He says, “That’s what got us here to begin with. You keep thinking we’re going to vote our way out of this. What we’ve done is voted our way into this and if you can’t see that you’re an idiot man. People you haven’t seen hell yet. You wait until we get this economic collapse and you’re going to wish for people like me to have killed this man and people like him because you don’t have the heart to do it.”

McVay uses his problems with the President’s policies as his motivation in the plot, using the specific of Obama’s stance on the debt ceiling as one example.

McVay says he was on a “mission” to kill the President because of his policies. He came up with his assassination plot while sitting in jail listening to political talk radio. He views the death of a 75-year-old woman as “collateral damage” in his mission. He thinks he the hero in a “war” on this President. Why do these militaristic views sound so familiar?

Is this yet another example of stochastic terrorism, wherein McVay is the unstable missile launched into action by stochastic terrorists who use mass media to rile the unstable into action? He has a political motive for the murder of an elderly woman. He hatched it while listening to political talk radio. He is obviously unstable. He believes Obama is to blame for the debt-ceiling crisis and sees himself as the only person willing to do what’s obviously necessary to save the world from Obama. When McVay says “You’re going to wish for people like me to have killed this man and people like him because you don’t have the heart to do it”, whom exactly is he referring to?

Leaders and widely heard pundits often use wildly inaccurate fear-mongering tactics while discussing political policies. Do they bear no responsibility for people who believe them? Are we allowing them to continue in this vein with our stunned and shamed silence? McVay admits he was listening to political talk radio when he hatched this plan. The top ten political talkers are Right Wingers, and the majority of successful political radio shows are Right Wing. Let’s see, he thinks Obama is the “real problem”, is freaked out about the debt-ceiling (even David Brooks has called out the Right wing on their fanatical rhetoric regarding the debt ceiling and warns that the Right is now more of a psychological protest movement than a political party ) and wants to kill people “like the President”. He listens to political talk radio. He doesn’t believe in the democratic process of voting people into or out of office; but instead, he is using his “second amendment remedies” to solve his perception of our political problems. Where did he ever get ideas like that?

Which show was he listening to and will it matter when we find out? How long are we going to buy the petulant rebuttal that the malignant narcissist bears no responsibility for the actions of a madman (Sarah Palin is the most recent example with her “Blood Libel” accusations regarding her crosshairs on Gabby Giffords’ district).

At some point, a decent person would seriously contemplate if there were something he or she could be doing differently. He or she would regulate themselves with the mechanism of their own conscience. Why isn’t that happening? Just last week, Sarah Palin doubled down on her rhetoric, publicly claiming that celebrities want to kill her and her children. There are people who believe her. If someone tries to kill one of those celebrities after hearing Palin say this, will she bear any responsibility morally or ethically?

We will always have unstable people, but we have not always had unchecked political rhetoric. The circus is getting uglier, Rome burns, and the reasonable, sane people have been cowed into saying nothing. Our own Department of Homeland Security was chastened by conservatives into redacting a report (a result of the Bush administration) warning of Right Wing domestic terrorism being on the rise. It’s as if we are complicit in allowing facts to be altered so as to not make certain people uncomfortable with their own behavior and actions.

It’s not OK to fear-monger 24 hours a day, unchecked. It allows misinformation to foment and rage to build. It is dangerous, and it could incite even the stable to go off the deep end. Just imagine the person who never hears anything but crazy talk, warning of impending doom. It’s easy for them to believe they can save us all by taking that demon out. Perhaps only the unstable actually act on that, but does that make it alright? I’m not suggesting that the talker killed anyone, nor am I suggesting that we necessarily legislate our way out of this problem.

We used to have the Fairness Doctrine, which allowed everyone to have their opinion and voice it, but checked those opinions by presenting “the other side”. But even more importantly, we had real news. News should not be either side, nor a slash down the middle as compromise sold as fairness. Facts are facts, no matter where they fall on the political spectrum. This country now faces a real crisis of media conscience.

As a culture, we are being terrorized by acts of political violence. Violence and violent rhetoric are the resort of a failed argument, one that will not stand on its own merits and must use force to achieve its aims. Thorton defined terrorism thusly: “In an internal war situation, terror is a symbolic act designed to influence political behavior by extranormal means, entailing the use or threat of violence.” What most people don’t see is that every time someone is murdered in the name of political “disagreements”, more American citizens are silenced out of fear. Just whose free speech are we protecting here?

Last January, six people were killed and 14 others wounded, including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Little Christina Taylor was murdered. And still, the cultists scream for political blood and a shamed nation says nothing, for fear of sounding partisan. Now, Maybelle Schein is dead. Where has our decency gone?

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