In 140 Characters Or Less Team Obama Slices And Dices Mitt Romney

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After Mitt Romney fired off a statement about Obama being out of touch on the economy, David Axelrod took to Twitter and obliterated Mittens with a single tweet.

Romney put out a statement after more disappointing economic data was released today that said in part, “Today’s abysmal jobs report confirms what we all know – that President Obama has failed to get this economy moving again. Just this week, President Obama’s closest White House adviser said that ‘unemployment rates or even monthly jobs numbers’ do not matter to the average American.”

Obama adviser David Axelrod took to Twitter and with a single tweet showed Romney’s campaign staff how it’s done:

Axelrod was correct. In April a Reuters story summed up Romney’s economic record, “Later, as Massachusetts governor from January 2003 to January 2007, Romney presided over one of the puniest rates of employment growth among the 50 U.S. states, at a time the nation’s economy was booming. Labor Department figures showed Massachusetts ranked 47th among the states in the rate of jobs growth in those four years — ahead of only Ohio, Michigan and Louisiana.”

A 2010 Market Watch
story highlighted just how pitiful Massachusetts’ job growth was under Romney, “The Massachusetts jobs growth over that period, a pitiful 0.9%, badly lagged other high-skill, high-wage, knowledge economy states like New York (2.7%), California (4.7%) and North Carolina (7.6%). The national average: More than 5%. The state was dead last in job creation.

Yet, here we are in 2011 and Mitt Romney is trying to sell himself as a job creator. As a corporate raider Romney may have laid more people off than he actually created jobs. For a top pro like David Axelrod, this was shooting fish in a barrel. Romney can ditch the suits and show up at campaign events in a pickup truck, but at heart he is still country club Mittens.

If Axelrod can destroy Mitt Romney’s job creator myth with a single tweet, imagine what he is going to do when he has a billion dollars to play with during the 2012 campaign?

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