Birth Control Is The New Front In The Christian Conservative War On Women

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Throughout time and around the world, there are few crimes as horrible as murder and although there are different degrees of killing, murder means killing a human being with malice aforethought.   The only time killing a human being is accepted, and indeed praised, is in the theatre of war and even then there are rules of engagement that soldiers must follow to avoid facing charges of murder. Law enforcement officials are allowed to take a human life if they can prove there was no other means to prevent harm to themselves or the public unless they plant a weapon on or near the deceased person’s body. Suicide is not considered murder, but one who assists the commission of suicide can face prosecution for assisting suicide. There are several states in America that have attempted to pass legislation calling abortion doctors murderers, but there is that little problem with a fetus not being an air-breathing human being. In fact, a fetus is not considered a human being until it leaves the mother’s womb and breathes air on its own.

When a woman is pregnant and the fetus stops living while it is in the uterus, depending on the length of gestation, it is called a miscarriage. If the fetus is full-term and stops living, the delivery is called “still-birth” and because the fetus never had a chance to take a breath, it is not a human being. According to convention and common sense, to be considered a human, an entity must breathe air. There are very few devastating events in a woman’s life as traumatic as carrying a fetus to term only to deliver a still-birth, but in Mississippi, prosecutors are changing that by charging a 15-year-old girl with murder for delivering a dead fetus.

The case involves a girl who became pregnant at the age of 15 and delivered the still-born after carrying the fetus for 36 weeks. Prosecutors convicted the young woman after they discovered she had a cocaine habit although there is absolutely no evidence that the drug had anything whatsoever to do with the fetal death or that the girl was addicted to cocaine. In Mississippi, the only person who can terminate a pregnancy is the woman carrying the fetus; until now. The current campaign to criminalize abortions has prompted legislators in an increasing number of states to criminalize miscarriages based on new laws that label a zygote a human being regardless that a zygote is little more than a single-celled organism. There have been numerous articles written about “personhood” laws that are funded and promoted by the Catholic Church and supported by evangelical Christian fanatics who discovered the only way to stop the legal medical procedure known as abortion is to change the definition of a human being to be a woman’s egg that was fertilized by a man’s sperm cell.

Another instance of criminalizing a pregnant woman is the Indiana case where a distraught woman attempted suicide because the father of her fetus abandoned her; she was so distraught that she ingested rat poison and survived. The woman gave birth but the baby died three days later and prosecutors charged the mother with murder; she is in jail awaiting trial without bail. In Iowa a woman who fell down a flight of stairs was arrested for attempted feticide under a law making it illegal to have a miscarriage. In Utah, a new law makes miscarriages attempted murder of a fetus as part of the drive by religious extremists to criminalize pregnancies that do not result in a baby being born. There are untold accounts of women who are in jeopardy of imprisonment because of extremists who have taken the war on abortion to such extremes that they will eventually ban birth control of any type in accordance with the Catholic Church’s ban on contraception.

The war on abortion is turning out to be a war on women who do not produce children after a man impregnates them and in the case of the 15-year-old girl in Mississippi, why wasn’t the male who impregnated the child arrested? In the Indiana case, why wasn’t the man who impregnated the woman arrested for abandoning the prospective mother of his child for causing her to become so distraught that she felt her only way out was to commit suicide? In Utah, a woman who loses a fetus after being involved in an accident is charged with murder but the man who causes the accident is free to go impregnate another woman with impunity.  The goal of defunding Planned Parenthood cannot possibly be about abortion because no federal money can be used for abortion and Planned Parenthood’s abortion services account for only 3% of its business. The real war being waged is a war on birth control of any kind; except condoms.

The religious fanatics have begun legislating the Catholic Church’s ban on contraception so that every woman who engages in sexual activity must give birth. The war on birth control is supported by Michele Bachmann who said that corrupt Washington elites are engaged in a war on faith and fertility. A Texas legislator was asked if defunding Planned Parenthood was only about abortion and he candidly admitted that the goal was to put a stop to birth control and family planning. A war on birth control does not affect men because they cannot become pregnant and if they could, abortions would be treated much differently. In fact, if men could get pregnant, the government would pay for abortion on demand at any stage of gestation and clinics would be as numerous as churches and liquor stores combined.

If anti-birth control advocates are successful prosecuting just one woman for killing a zygote, then they will have established a precedent that any procedure that interrupts fertilization is murder making birth control pills, IUDs, diaphragms, or morning-after pills murder weapons. It is reasonable to assume that most judges in the country will see preposterous laws that define zygotes as people as being insane, but if one fanatical Christian judge says a single-cell organism’s termination is murder, all birth control will be illegal. The Catholic Church prohibits its adherents from using any form of birth control and they are close to forcing their ridiculous dogmata on every woman in America unless lawmakers start following the Constitution and not the Pope. There is absolutely no part of the Constitution that provides any religious organization with authority to force their dogma on the citizens of this country, but evangelical Christians and Catholics have convinced lawmakers to ignore the Constitution and establish Catholicism’s rules as the law of the land.

It is obvious that America is at a crossroads and it appears that Christians are winning the war against women and birth control. Many people just don’t believe it is possible and that is exactly how the fanatics are able to get away with changing America into a theocracy.  Today it’s a war on birth control, and before anyone knows it, the war will be against music that does not praise god, or people who like to read literature other than the bible. At the rate the Christians are going, reading PoliticusUSA will be a capital offense and anyone caught reading these pages will be thrown into prison. Does it sound absurd? Of course it does, but not as absurd as convicting a 15-year-old girl of murder for a stillbirth, or a 34-year-old suicidal woman for murder. So welcome to America where the Pope dictates that birth control is illegal and a zygote may someday be president.

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