NJ Senate President Sweeney Has Only Himself To Blame For Christie’s Actions

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It’s safe to assume that New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney didn’t spend Fourth of July holding hands and watching fireworks with Governor Chris Christie.

New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney excoriated the governor on Friday after reviewing his line-item veto of the state budget.

“This is all about him being a bully and a punk,” he told the Star Ledger. “I wanted to punch him in his head.”

Well, he surely has a big enough target. But it might be best for Sweeney to take a ticket a wait in line.

Sweeney took a calculated risk and endangered his political future when he clamorously supported the governor’s pension and health reform, which stood to imperil the financial futures of many of his democratic constituents. The governor’s budget was an abrupt rejection of every Democratic move, and Sweeney couldn’t even get an audience with the governor to discuss it.

Sweeney also called Christie “a rotten bastard” and compared him to Henry Potter, the miserly antagonist in ‘It’s A Wonderful Life.’

Although the comparison to Henry Potter is quite fair and accurate, Dick Cheney has purchased the rights to that comparison. Comparing the gargantuan governor to Harry Potter seems more apt; that is, Hogwarts (or is it Boss Hogwarts?) is a parochial school and, like Harry Potter, Chris Christie lives in a fantasy world and never seems to go away.

Sweeney’s decidedly aggressive attitude towards Christie is rather strange and inconsistent, considering he’s let Christie treat him like a teenage runaway at the train station. The New Jersey Democratic Leader’s sudden surge of fighting democratic spirit and hatred of Christie belies the cozy and suspiciously amiable relationship he’s had with Christie.

Perhaps this setback will serve as a wake-up call to Sweeney and Blue Dog democrats, who compromise the ideological integrity of their party and the will of the voters, in order to play nice with the great big bullies of today’s increasingly pugnacious and obdurate Republican Party. The only person Sweeney has to punch in the face is the guy he looks at in the mirror everyday. He thought he could make a brilliant deal with the devil in an plus sized blue dress, got majorly burned, and now feels he can win back the faith and trust of his democratic constituency by cutting a professional wrestling promo.

Sweeney has only himself to blame for selling more than one million residents down the river for his own self-motivations. This pathetic show of feigned outrage after the fact just demonstrates how utterly ineffective he is as a leader and how naive he is politically.

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