Protesters Erect Giant Angry Justice Prosser Balloon Outside WI Capitol

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A giant, angry, inflatable balloon man representing conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser (of the choking allegations and “bitch” charm) has been erected (pardon me) outside of the Capitol today by protester Miles Kristan. It stands 25 feet tall, so it’s kinda hard to miss. But if that doesn’t demand attention, there’s always the balloon builder, Miles Kristan, shouting at folks, “Watch out, Justice Prosser might try to choke you!”

For the uninitiated, the same people who hate unions also hate women, children, the elderly, the disabled, the poor and minorities.

The Journal Sentinel reports:

A 25-foot tall inflatable likeness of Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser was erected outside the Capitol Thursday.

The giant balloon was constructed using $10 worth of plastic drop cloths and duct tape, according to protester Miles Kristan, and was inflated using an air compressor. Kristan said it took him two hours to make the balloon.

“Watch out, Justice Prosser might try to choke you!” Kristan yelled at passers-by Thursday afternoon.

The protest was in response to allegations made by Justice Ann Walsh Bradley that Prosser put her in a “chokehold” on June 13. Others have said Bradley came at Prosser with her fists raised. One liberal group has called for Prosser to resign, while conservatives have called for Bradley to resign or be recalled.

This protest is brought to you by people who value women as human beings.

Here’s a video of Kristan making angry balloon man:

No one can say Wisconsin lacks spirit. I’ll bet Governor Walker and his posse never expected such push back on their ALEC inspired corporate agenda to destroy the middle class and all common decency. I’d love to see a picture of Prosser’s face passing by the big angry balloon likeness to himself. Maybe the balloon will try to grab him – who knows? But you can bet your last dime (if the Republicans haven’t stolen it to save the poor corporations) that if the balloon does grab Prosser, Balloon man will blame Prosser for “provoking him”, just as the real Justice Prosser did.

Karma, babies.

Update from the Sh*t Scott Walker is Doing to My State Facebook Page: “Prosszilla was def(lat)eated by some friendly Capitol Police. He was told he would be written up for stealing state utilities.
When asked if we used a generator would there be any problems he said not that he could think of…

Does anyone has a small generator they would like to lend to the cause…”

We can’t have a deflated Justice Choker. Lend a brother a genny!

Image: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

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