Starve The Beast Worked, But It Defunded The Government

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For the last 30 years the conservative, regressive wing of the Republican party has been dead set on creating an environment that obliterates the government. Of course their rhetoric is “it’s a spending problem”, that’s been their mantra for almost a generation. The debt and deficit was created by this foolish economic model called the Laffer curve. Essentially the Laffer curve tried to illustrate that when you lower taxes to a certain point , government revenue actually goes up. This is obviously a complete economic fallacy.

America is currently at the pinnacle of this regressive plan to eradicate the country of social programs. We just don’t have the revenue to continue with them, but it’s not a SPENDING problem, it’s a revenue problem.

Look at this chart put together by Talking Points Memo, it shows that from 2001-2011 domestic discretionary spending has remained FLAT at 369 billion dollars when adjusted for inflation and population growth. We aren’t spending anymore money on the programs, like women’s shelters education or other programs that regular Americans need. We just cut taxes to the point where we can no longer fund these programs.

In another tragic story reported by Forbes, Alto,Texas just eliminated every single police officer. “We had to do something drastic,” says Jerry Flowers, a city councilman in Alto, Texas. “The police department,“ Mr. Flowers goes on, ”being a non-money-making entity, was the easiest to get rid of while we catch our breath and build up some cash.”

In the meantime, for protection against ne’er-do-wells, petty thieves and outright criminals, citizens of Alto will have to rely on the Cherokee County sheriff’s office, headquartered 12 miles away.

“I’m going to try,” commented the county sheriff when notified, “but I can’t guarantee you there will always be an officer in the town.”

Until recently, drastic cutbacks like this were the province of down-and-out medium-sized cities like Camden, N.J. – where half the police force has been let go. Or Oakland, Calif. – where the cops no longer answer burglary calls.

This is the Republican America, where corporations, billionaires and millionaires get tax breaks and pay for loopholes and the rest of us, sit back and watch as the very foundation of our country is drastically changed or eliminated.

We are the wealthiest country on earth and in history, yet we are going to have streets not protected by police, we cut back on programs that help the poor and elderly all the while taxes continue to drop for the wealthy.

Starve the beast has had some unintended consequences it seems and the people who are going to suffer are the people who make America great, the American middle, and working class.

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