A New Low: GOP Leaders Troll Obama’s Twitter Town Hall

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Apparently since this GOP isn’t interested in passing any legislation, they had plenty of time to troll Obama’s Twitter town hall on the economy and jobs.

Let’s check out what some of these Republicans has to say.

Here is Speaker John Boehner:

Here is House Budget architect Paul Ryan:

Over on the Senate side, Twitter lover Orrin Hatch sent his share of spam:

So did House Whip Rep. Kevin McCarthy:

SC Gov. Nikki Haley joined in:

Sadly, Mitt Romney’s team displayed their irrelevance by RTing Haley:

Not to be outdone, Michele Bachmann also RTed Haley:

In only a matter of weeks this country is risking economic catastrophe if the debt ceiling is not raised. You would think that these members of Congress and their staffs would have more important things to do than trolling Obama’s Twitter Town Hall with their talking points. Is this really what taxpayers are paying them to sit around and do? If they want to have a serious discussion about the economy, the deficit, and the debt ceiling, why don’t they take the President up on his invitation to come to the White House and talk to him face to face?

If you look through the Twitter streams of the GOPers who are participating in this mass trolling, you will see lots of RTs of Heritage Foundation and Chamber of Commerce tweets. I guess the Koch Brothers don’t have an official Twitter account.

It is sad that anyone from Mitt Romney’s staff thought it was a great idea to jump into the #askobama thread. Here is a hint Team Mitt. You are supposed to be sending the impression that your guy is Obama’s equal and would be a superior president. Pandering to the few Republican South Carolina primary voters on Twitter just makes you look small time. What is even sadder is that the Bachmann camp felt the need to keep up with Romney and RTed it too. It made both of them look small time.

Republicans apparently don’t have the time to deal with the economy, jobs, the debt ceiling, or the deficit, but they have all day to hang around Twitter and troll. They think they are winning the message war, but the real message they are sending is that they don’t care about the American people or their problems.

The hastag that I would use to describe this whole display is #GOPfail.

Image: The White House

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