The Mountain of Education: All Teachers Must be Anointed

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This is the third in a weekly series of posts about Christian Dominionism in American Politics; what that means, how to recognize them and how we stop them from leading us into a theocracy. I began a discussion last week about the 7 Mountains Mandate, which in short, is a professional marketing presentation delivered by enthusiastic motivational speakers. These showmen and women have been “knighted” as prophets/apostles allowing them to mislead their audience that they are somehow “gifted with the Holy Spirit”. This way their message appears to carry a divine message and the audiences eat it up! Here are the 7 Mountains that they are determined to conquer:

Religion ~ Education ~ Family ~ Arts/Entertainment ~ Media ~ Business/Banking ~ Government/Military

Every week I will repeat these mountain categories until they are memorized by us all. Dominionists refer to these categories as the “secular mountains” that they must reclaim for Christ.

Highly prized for dominance is the Education Mountain that is under attack by the Christian Dominionists. Their relentless efforts to revise American history is demonstrated best by the changes proposed and passed by the Texas Board of Education this past year, an effort helped substantially by David Barton’s Crusade to not only bastardize American history, but campaign about the evils of public education. They literally refer to public schools as “institutions of Satan”.

Barton, a graduate of Oral Roberts University where other notable hysterical “hystorians” are spawned such as Michele Bachmann, let’s dig a little deeper, it will be worth your while. Here is the short bio on Barton as listed at the Texas Freedom Network, (Barton’s home state):

David Barton
Founder and head of Wallbuilders, a national, Christian organization that publishes books and videos promoting theocracy, since 1997. As vice-chair of the Republican Party of Texas, Barton is a key member of the religious right’s control over the party. Barton was hired in 2004 by the Republican National Committee to travel the country and speak to about 300 evangelical pastors in an effort to win support for President George W. Bush’s reelection. He has also called the United States a “Christian nation” and called the separation of church and state “a myth.” Barton has also been involved with a group of biblical literalists called the Dominionists who believe God has called them to take over the U.S. government. For more about Barton, see Chapter 4 of The Anatomy of Power: Texas and the Religious Right in 2006.)

I encourage you to go to their site and read more because it will quickly reveal the pertinent connections that this fraud has with today’s political far right Dominionists. TFN has done extensive work in stopping the creeping infestation of Dominionism into their state government. They show you the connections between Gov. Rick Perry, Barton, Texas Board of Education appointments all played directly into the biblical worldview re-writes of public education textbooks. Perry even referred to Barton as an “historical expert”.

Texas school textbooks have been targets of Dominionist and Bircher Society censorship since at least the early 1960s due to Texas’ huge buying power in the volume of textbooks they buy nationwide. While they were not entirely successful in going to the extremes they wanted in their revisions, they still changed American history. TFN had this to say about a zealot Dominionist appointed by Perry:

“Gov. Rick Perry appointed McLeroy, a Bryan [Tx] dentist, as chairman of the state board in July. McLeroy’s statements during his lecture are particularly insulting to Roman Catholics and millions of other Christians who see no conflict between their religious faith and accepting the science behind evolution, Miller said.

“Texas parents should be very concerned that the governor chose an anti-science, religious ideologue to lead the state body that sets policy for our public schools,” she said. “He might as well have put up a sign that said, ‘Only my kind of Christian need apply.‘”

I am emphasizing Texas because of the successes they realized after nearly 27 years of determined and persistent effort by the Dominionists to finally impact the curriculum in our public schools – and this is merely the beginning if left to run amok. As all things Dominionist-driven will show, this is not isolated, nor unrelated to what is occurring nationally. This is the 7 Mountain agenda hiding in plain sight. Barton is yet another tool of this machine, he is certainly not the inspiration. He’s not even an Apostle!

But this guy is. Rick Joyner, one of the Senior Apostles in the International Coalition of Apostles that Palin et al are mentored by. This is audio, but as I like to say, I can’t convey it to you better than you hearing their very own words. Here is only one of their web sites where they reveal their reasoning behind “taking the Education Mountain”. I know these things can be hard to endure, but please try to listen at least through the 8 minute mark of the audio.

The network of sites and the names of their organizations are endless so I cannot possibly share them all in one post, but before I stop, I will link you to one more that has a short video of one of these “anointed” messengers explaining why the Education Mountain is crucially important to them taking America back. You will hear him saying that they want “children to shout out that this earth is theirs” and that they demand “dominion” over the earth.

Remember all of this in context as you hear politicians, candidates and their spokespeople disseminating this garbage across America in their efforts to “harvest souls” for Christ. They even propose that it is the left brain teachings of secular education that is ruining our children!

“…public schools, are dominated by liberal and humanistic philosophies. Our current education system emphasizes the left-brain understanding of truth. Our left-brain dominated curriculum and instruction leaves little room for right-brain development in children and young adults. The right-brain is where we receive creative, imaginative, intuitive revelation from God. Our education system is turning our children into rationalistic and critical thinkers limiting them to the five human senses and thus, preventing them from receiving God’s revelation.

We need to turn education back to a right-brain dominant curriculum, and open the way for children to learn how to hear from God. We need to bring God back into the classroom to make His teachings the foundation for the curriculum. God should not be pushed out of our classrooms, but rather standing in the front giving the lesson.”

This is a serious national effort to tear down public education, attacking teacher unions as “thugs” (Gov. Christie, N.J. after all – those greedy overpaid teachers always have their hands out for more!); legislation proposing school vouchers which is nothing more than codespeak for using federal tax dollars to pay for Christian schooling; education cuts to primary, secondary, Head Start programs that give the very young a running start, Pell grants that help enable the struggling classes to seek higher education and massive teacher layoffs resulting in increased class sizes.

This is all a recipe for disaster in American education and the Dominionists are well aware of this. In fact, they are poised to get down on their knees and praise the destruction of this Satan-led indoctrination of our children. People like Barton who dedicate their lives to twisting reality are in tight with those political Christian Dominionists that are becoming part of our daily news-cycle as we lead up to the 2012 elections. He has made allies out of fellow theocrats like Huckabee, Gingrich, Bachmann and more. In fact, Bachmann praises Barton and is proud of their association of the years. Here is a sample of that from the Minnesota Independent from November 16, 2010:

“Bachmann and Barton have given guided tours of the U.S. Capitol to show “the foundational role God has played throughout American history” for tea partiers. The duo have worked together for many years.

Barton came to Minnesota in 2005 to help Bachmann shape the state’s “history standards.” Bachmann wanted to make sure that references to religion in historical documents were taught in Minnesota’s public schools. Barton came to the Minnesota Senate to give a presentation at Bachmann’s invitation.

In a 2008 interview with Barton, Bachmann said, “It’s important for your listeners to know that there are strong, believing members of Congress who get it about our nation’s heritage and we love and appreciate David Barton.”

The never-ending proposals to completely defund and get rid of the U.S. Department of Education to the delight of the Christian Dominionists, are aided by the anti-government Libertarian agenda (spearheaded for years by Ron Paul who is running yet again for president in 2012); add to that the corporate interest in seeing this as a means to turn education into a for-profit business and we can pretty much kiss our current dismal standing in the world – now pathetically ranked at 18 out of 36 in the developing nations – because we will be in a race to the bottom!

But wait, the following video apparently clears up all my confusion! Reading was meant to be taught only so that children could read their Bibles! WHAT was I thinking? Who knew that this was the true reason the Founding Fathers wanted to fund public education?

Some humor is mandatory in the work I do – but there is nothing funny about these people and their quest to convert our government into a weaponized arm of their version of Christianity in a world they see dominated by evil. An evil that only they are “equipped” to slay while leaving the rest of us as victims of their extremist fantasies. And that - is a discussion about the Education Mountain.

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