Chris Christie’s Popularity Plummets as Buyer’s Remorse hits NJ

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NJ Governor and Professional Youtube Screamer Chris Christie may be celebrating his pension overhaul victory with a box of Twinkies, but he might want to chew carefully as a Bloomberg poll  released yesterday revealed that support for the gargantuan governor is in decline.

Fifty-one percent of respondents said they will definitely or probably vote for another candidate in the next gubernatorial election. Thirty-nine percent said they will definitely or probably vote for Christie.

Even worse, peoples opinions of Christie have dropped faster than an authorized helicopter at a baseball game.

Nineteen percent said they feel a lot better about the governor since he took office, while 29 percent said they feel a lot worse. In total, 53 percent said they have an unfavorable view of Christie, while 43 percent have a favorable view. When it came to his job performance, 51 percent were unfavorable, and 44 percent were favorable.

Christie’s abysmal approval ratings echo a common theme among recently elected Republican governors. It seems voters were so passionately upset with their incumbent governors that they collectively closed their eyes, made a wish, and held their noses when they elected this new radical brand of Republican governors.

In Wisconsin, for example, voters are expressing “buyer’s remorse” over sending the Koch Bros. paid for tea party republican governor, Scott Walker, after experiencing Walker’s extreme governance. A mere two months into his term, a poll in March showed Wisconsin voters were considerably unhappy with GOP Gov. Scott Walker–and would readily send him packing if they were given a do-over of the 2010 election that sent him to the statehouse in Madison.

Due to the firestorm Walker (a thinner version of Christie) touched off in fiercely going after the state’s public-sector unions, voters indicated to Public Policy Polling (PDF) that Walker would lose a rematch with his Democratic opponent, Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett, if the election were held today. Fifty-two percent of respondents said that today they would vote for Barrett and 45 percent said they would vote for Walker. 

Similarly, voters in the Sunshine State are equally if not more upset with their Teabagger governor and his utterly irrational governance.

Yet another poll finds that voters in the Sunshine State have not only forgiven former Gov. Charlie Christ for switching parties, they would readily vote for him as a Democrat in 2014 if he ran against Gov. Rick Scott, who has seen the sweeping popularity that pushed him into office evaporate so much so he is now the nation’s most unpopular governor.

All across the country, voters are learning more about the false prophets they blindly swept into office and they don’t like it one bit. For all of their posturing as being “big reformers,” Chris Christie and company are proving to be friends of the big business interests on Wall Street. Buyer’s Remorse is sweeping the land, and if Chris Christie and company care at all about the future of their political careers, they might pay a little closer attention to the will of the people.

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