Bad Boys: Wisconsin GOP Only Have the Wife Beater to Run in Senate Recall

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Bad Boys: Wisconsin Republicans Running from the Law

Recall elections gone wild!

Here’s the latest in the Republican Soap Opera of Unlawful Behavior in Wisconsin, also known as the Killer Clown Show. As of today, the only state Senatorial candidate Wisconsin Republicans have to run on the ballot against Democratic state Sen. Dave Hansen of Green Bay in the recall election is David VanderLeest, the convicted wife beater with the rap sheet who is being investigated right now for an undisclosed reason. Yeah…

Their other candidate, State Rep. John Nygren (R-Marinette), just got turned down again due to insufficient nomination signatures. Nygren had already been turned down by the GAB, but he was fighting in court like the judicial activist that Republicans are these days. The court told him no, leaving Republicans with only the wife beater.

Who did Nygren blame for his failure? Why, a “democrat appointed GAB board” with an “agenda”. This is the same GAB board that certified the Supreme Court Election for conservative alleged female colleague choker Justice Prosser, so you can file that squeaky whine where it belongs, under “Sore Loser Clown” or “Pandering to Misinformed Angry Fox Viewers.” Your choice.

The Green Bay Press Gazette reports:

Nygren was one of two Republicans who filed last week to run against Democratic state Sen. Dave Hansen of Green Bay. But some of the signatures he submitted were challenged by Democrats and tossed out by the state Government Accountability Board, leaving him two short of the 400 needed to qualify.

He responded by suing the board this week. He accused its officials of throwing out several signatures that should have been valid, and he also said he wasn’t given enough time to explain why he should remain on the ballot.

The judge dismissed both arguments. He told Nygren the board deserved wide latitude in its rulings because it was set up by the public to enforce the public’s will regarding how election rules should be laid out.
“It’s unfortunate that my candidacy in this recall election has been determined by Democrat-appointed GAB staff that has constantly worked against me as I defended myself from the Democratic Party’s frivolous challenges,” he said.

Yes, I’d have to agree that it is unfortunate that Mr Nygren is an elected official with the emotional make up of a two year old, who is actually blaming the GAB for his own failures and of course, seeing the boogeymen of Democrats out to get him under the bed. The GAB happens to be a non-partisan board, and the composition of the board has earned recognition from other states due to the impartiality of the board. Why do Republicans always run to their Mommy (the press) and cry about how their little brother (Democrats) broke their Xbox, never mentioning how they hit their little brother over the head with it?

It’s also unfortunate that the only candidate left for the GOP is the wife beater who blames his ex-wife for all of his many legal troubles, and whose utterly clueless, self-pitying lament after being told by the Judge he was lucky to get off so easily, as the felony was an easy get, should raise the sociopath hackles on any decent human being. Yes, after ripping his wife’s hair out and throwing her to the ground so she couldn’t call police, and numerous other brushes with the law, VanderLeest had this to say, “This is a dirty bastard of a world, and you can print that.” He sounds eerily like some self-absorbed crackhead who blames society for beating up an old lady. Just for kicks, imagine what the reaction to his actions would be if he were black, a union member, poor….. Uh huh.

Joining the wife beater in the Republican Killer Clown Show roundup recall elections is Hopper, the fellow who lied and said he couldn’t attend a parade with his wife because evil union thugs were out to get him and was later busted for not even living with his wife anymore because he lives with his Koch lobbyist mistress to whom he just gave a cushy state job. These are your Wisconsin family values.

Why do I hear the tune to Bad Boys right now?

Knowing how much the Republicans love to steal art from musicians, I’m thinking of suggesting this as their theme song in the upcoming election of Wife Beater v Dave Hansen.

It’s Saturday, so here is a snippet of the lyrics courtesy of Lyrics 007:

Bad boys,bad boys whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do?
When they come for you? Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

When you were eight and you had bad dreams you go to school
And that’s the golden rule, So why are you acting like a bloody fool
If you get hot then you must get cool!

You chuck it down ya mother,
And ya chuck it down ya father,
Ya chuck it down a brother,
And ya chuck it down ya sister,
You chuck it down that one and you chuck it down Me!

Why did you have to act so mean?
Don’t you know you’re a human being?

Your too bad,
your too rude,
your too bad,
your too rude,

You chuck it down that one,
you chuck it down this one,
you chuck it down ya mother,
and you chuck it down your brother and you chuck it down your sister

Bad boys.

Hey, Wisconsin Republicans, why you gotta act so mean?

Wisconsin Republicans are running a wife beater with a long rap sheet. Better hope they don’t come for him before the election. Course he might end up facing Justice Prosser, and we all know Prosser thinks women make men abuse them.

Wisconsin GOP, on the run from the law. And here they told us it was the union thugs we all needed protection from. Bad boys.

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