Govt Subsidized Religion: Liberty University Gets $445 Million From Taxpayers

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The recent push by Republicans to eviscerate the poor, women, seniors, and the middle class is based on their evil ideology that only the wealthy deserve our precious tax dollars. Since the 112th Congress has been in session, the GOP has worked tirelessly to take from the poor to feed the rich, and their claim is the country is too broke to pay for programs to help the least fortunate among us. At a time when corporate wealth is growing exponentially and the oil industry is reaping obscene profits without paying tax on their wealth, Republicans claim that depriving them of more wealth will kill jobs and hurt the economy. However, there is another group of evil proponents of greed who are beneficiaries of Republican largesse with taxpayer dollars, and although the Founding Fathers specifically prohibited the government from funding and promoting their brand of hate and vitriol, the GOP continues enriching and establishing a religious ideology in America.

Last year, Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University was the recipient of $445,000,000 of taxpayer dollars and it is typical of the unconstitutional practice of establishing a religion. Giving a religious organization nearly a half-a-billion dollars when Republicans are raping the life out of this country is immoral, and contributes to and perpetuates conservative Christian’s hatred of the poor.  One of the missions of the fanatical Christian university is churning out “Christ-centered leaders, able to apply God’s word in every area of life.” Liberty University is unapologetic about their intentions and they boast about their mission with a promise to students to provide an “action-oriented curriculum dedicated to world evangelism and repudiation of political correctness.” If there is any misunderstanding exactly what they mean, the website lays out that they provide, “A strong commitment to political conservatism, total rejection of socialism, and firm support for America’s economic system of free enterprise.”

Religious fanatics are well-known as purveyors of supreme hypocrisy, but if Liberty University is dedicated to the rejection of socialism and adherence to the free enterprise system; why are they taking nearly a half-a-billion dollars of taxpayer money to produce bible-toting bigots and greedy conservative minions? When the bigot founder of the university was alive, Jerry Falwell revealed the Christian conservative intention for this country and it should be a wake-up call to any legislator who claims to hold fast to the Founding Fathers’ original intent in the Constitution that religion and the government must be separate. Falwell wrote in a book titled, America Can Be Saved, “I hope I live to see the day when, as in the early days of our country, we won’t have any public schools. The churches will have taken them over again and Christians will be running them. What a happy day that will be!”

There is more to the story than the Christian plans to take over the schools and eventually the government and it should cause outrage to any semi-intelligent American who advocates for fairness and adherence to the Constitution. Liberty University, and indeed, nearly every church in America are tax exempt because they filed a piece of paper claiming to be non-profit organizations. The government is giving American taxpayer dollars to a bunch of fanatical conservative bigots and they are not paying taxes on our money. The church, sectarian universities, and free-market, Randian conservative Christians are no different than corporations or the oil industry that rakes in obscene profits and pays nothing in taxes; because they claim to do “god’s work.”

The Christian bible makes no mention of god or Jesus telling their followers to oppose social programs that feed the poor or provide health care assistance to those who need it most. Conversely, the bible does not teach Christians to be greedy, free-market capitalists who give other taxpayers’ dollars to corporations, the wealthy, the oil industry, and private religious institutions intent on destroying the Democratic form of government to install a theocracy in its place. Falwell’s statement that churches should take over and eliminate the public school system in America should be a portent of the dangers of giving tax dollars to anti-American religious fanatics. The Christian university has the same conservative ideology as the Koch brothers and Heritage Foundation that promotes eliminating public education in favor of private religious schools that propagate the notion that America was meant to be a privatized corporation promoting religious bigotry.

Giving a Christian university nearly a half-a-billion dollars of taxpayer dollars is an outrage, but it also shows how far from the Founders original intent conservatives have taken America. Liberty University has taken their privileged status so far, that in their mission statement they complain that a public university being planned within 30 miles of the Christian school is a threat and will take away students and government money from Liberty University. It is worth noting that students from religious schools default on student loans at a much higher percentage than public school graduates that makes their gift of Americans’ tax dollars all the more outrageous because taxpayers are left holding the bag for their defaults. However, for some mysterious reason, faith-based groups in this country are given free rein to rape the government for taxpayer dollars just because they are non-profits and allegedly do the lord’s work.

It seems reasonable that at a time when the economy is sluggish and more Americans are out of work, conservatives would reconsider giving free money to the oil industry, corporations, the wealthy, and bigots at religious schools and help Americans eat, find shelter, and have affordable health care. Apparently though, conservatives would rather watch American citizens starve and lose their homes so Liberty University can churn out bigots by the thousands who are well-trained in the conservative mindset that says social programs are despicable and only Christians are worthy of government funds. The Founding Fathers were quite specific about prohibiting government involvement in religion, but then again, conservatives have made it their life’s work to ignore the Constitution where it contradicts their belief that America is god’s chosen nation.

This country needs a bold group to put a stop to funding any religious organization and start making them pay taxes like every other citizen. Republicans contended that they had to slash social programs that feed the poor, seniors, and children because there were no funds available, but they do not mind giving taxpayer dollars to groups that pay no taxes and work to destroy what is left of the country.

Religious schools have no socially-redeeming quality and are a pariah on this nation. They have enjoyed favored status for too long and it is time to hold them to the standards the rest of Americans have to follow. That means paying taxes, following the Constitution, and stop trying to destroy the American way of life, because whether they want to admit it or not, the government is under no obligation to give them any funds and they have no business being involved in politics. Liberty University and every Christian who supports their philosophy are nothing more than charlatans who are stealing money from American taxpayers to inculcate anti-American values into their students with a goal of changing America into a theocracy where some bigot like Jerry Falwell is king and does the bidding of the wealthy industrialists.

Liberty University should teach 8th grade civics classes so their bible-toting students understand they have no right to take one cent of taxpayer’s dollars for their religious education; but that would never happen in a religious university that contradicts the Constitution. Unfortunately, with conservative Christians firmly ensconced in the Supreme Court and Congress, it is going to be a long time before religion is purged from our government, and by then, Reverend Koch will be king and any sign of public education or secular government will have long disappeared; but there will be religious schools like Liberty University taking hundreds-of-millions of taxpayers’ dollars to finally finish off any remaining non-believers while they wait for their savior to return. If and when a Jesus does return, he certainly will not recognize the social-rapists who call themselves conservative Christians and will send them straight to hell where they belong.

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