Tom Morello Brings Down the House Rocking For Solidarity

Jun 30 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

The Night Watchman rocks the 28th International Brotherhood of Teamsters Convention. This is Tom friggin’ Morello. It’s NSFW, it will remind you of your roots and if after you listen to the entire thing, you aren’t ready to storm the streets and demand a government OF THE WORKING PEOPLE BY THE WORKING PEOPLE AND FOR THE WORKING PEOPLE, why the hell not?

Tom sings the censored version of “This Land is Our Land” and wraps up by getting the Teamsters up on stage for the Worldwide Rebel Song.

Video courtesy of Teamsters Nation:

Don’t let Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and the rest of the fighters do this alone. Stand up, people! Be heard! It’s time to get radical about our rights, because they are coming for us all. Not just the workers, not just women, not just minorities – they are coming for the entire middle class, right after they’re done picking the bones of the impoverished, the elderly and the disabled. Join your brothers and sisters, and remember, this land is OUR land.


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