The Politicus Pulse – June 30, 2011

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Welcome to the Politicus Pulse. Here are the links you need to see to get your day started off right. Consider this a cup of coffee for your mind.

“Extend and Pretend” Continues in the Euro Zone (New Deal 2.0)

Markets are celebrating the triumph of an anti-labor, pro-capital agenda. But is social unrest the consequence?

A Little House of Secrets on the Great Plains (Reuters)

The secretive business havens of Cyprus and the Cayman Islands face a potent rival: Cheyenne, Wyoming.

How Big was the Big Man? (Salon)

“Too fucking big to die.” Bruce Springsteen remembers the great Clarence Clemons and their early interracial bromance.

The Unanswered Question Is, Why? (Creators)

Why are we still in Afghanistan, since OBL is dead?

Is Brazil’s Economic Boom a Bubble Ready to Burst? (BBC)

Brazil’s economy is expanding at a rapid rate, bringing the country a new confidence. But with growth comes problems.

Today’s Tune:

Summertime Blues – The Who

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