Michele Bachmann Is A National Disgrace

Jun 30 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

The level of American discourse seems to always find a new way to decline, bringing to mind the old joke: “It has reached rock bottom. And begun to dig!” Our latest tool of decay? The congresswoman from Minnesota. 

Michele Bachmann, now finally in a spotlight large enough satiate her ego, has managed in recent days to not only scuttle her chance of being taken seriously by anyone with command of historical facts or logic, but has managed to make a mockery of our political process, harming our national image.

She is in fact such a catastrophe of a public figure that she has the potential to rival Bush in terms of sheer national embarrassment.

This is not only the case because she can’t seem to go thirty seconds on television without lying, but that she embodies the worst caricature that the citizens in other countries have about Americans: That we are uneducated, gun-toting, religious fundamentalists who claim prophetic access to god and could not tell a bad idea from a rocking chair.

The nuclear codes, you might jest, could be given to someone who actually feels called by god to do this, that, and the other. It would be handing world peace into the hands of a messianic zealot, who most certainly has read the Book of Revelation.

Back to topic, how is Bachmann’s making a laughingstock of herself negative for the United State’s image abroad? Because our politics are a important enough that they are watched, and closely, by every other country with a functioning news media. That means that our political happenings are in fact reported, less of course than at home, but with great regularity, and in a variety of mediums. And who is front and center? Bachmann. She’s the type of person that reasonable people have nightmares about.

And she’s doing well. It’s almost scary, looking at her poll numbers. This person has a shot? I’m not going to go into a laundry list of her lies right now because we see a new one daily, and you don’t need extra horrified chuckles today. By the way, don’t call them gaffes. They aren’t. Bachmann doesn’t make the occasional mistake; that would be excusable. She is a pathological falsehood propagator who can’t make it four sentences without uttering something incorrect.

Even more, she stands behind her wrong statements. Again, and again, even when proven wrong on the air. It’s the Bachmann two-step: Lie, and then blame Obama.

Her qualities that make her a media darling here in the United States of course have the same draw to the foreign press: She is not unattractive, she’s fiery, and she is a perfect television presence. That and her quotability make her a print favorite. Let’s just take a single UK newspaper for reference. Here, at this link, is a list of recent Bachmann coverage by the Guardian. It goes on and on, and will certainly only expand in the coming months as her fundraising prowess and evangelical credentials boost her in the early primaries, allowing her ample room to cram her foot so far down her throat that we all gag.

And the rest of the world will hear about it. They will hear how Bachmann is a real, honest to goodness Presidential contender. Yes, our Bachmann is certified, and certifiable. Just how does it make our country look that we could allow such a flagrant theocrat to make it into our houses of Congress? It’s past cringe-worthy, it’s a simply disgrace.

God forbid she wins the primary. Then we would have Barack, an intellectual, up against a person who seems to claim that her ability to home-make (23 children!) is a credential for managing the world’s leading government. Well done America, you shouldn’t be trusted with scissors. Those are for grownups.

Let’s hope that Bachmann manages to say something so egregious that it scuttles her campaign. If that is, in fact, possible. Not that she isn’t entertaining, but I would like to tell the rest of the globe that we don’t elect the delusional to run our show.

The contrast among the Republicans is beautiful: You can either have Romney, who has literally left behind his entire political grounding and is now an utter ideological fabrication, or Bachmann, whose elevator certainly does not reach the top floor.

For the good of America, she has to go.

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