Palin Celebrity Fades As Few Show Up At Mall Of America Book Signing

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Sarah and Bristol Palin were at the Mall of America today to sign their books…..and only a few people showed up. While they allowed people to show up at 5 AM to wait in line, only a few diehards trickled in to wait for the Palin family, just one day after Sarah Palin’s “The Undefeated” debuted in Iowa.

“I think there were only twenty people…I was kind of surprised by that,” said a Bristol fan.

The Palin family were signing Bristol’s book, “Not Afraid of Life,” and her mother’s “America by Heart” that came out last fall.

Kare 11 has the video:

This chilly reception was written up by MyFox9 as “It seems fitting that the mother-daughter duo received such a warm welcome, since it was here in the Twin Cities that the Palins burst into the spotlight during the GOP convention three years ago.”

This was the kick off of Bristol Palin’s publicity tour for her “memoir”, written at the age of 20.

Here is the list of rules a fan had to go through in order to get their book signed:

No overnight waiting. Line up starting at 5 a.m.
Wristbands will be distributed starting at 6 a.m. to those who buy Bristol’s book
You must have a copy of Bristol’s book to purchase either of Sarah’s books.
Each person must be present to get a wristband. They’re not transferable.
No belongings or bags allowed on stage for the signing.
No memorabilia will be signed; no personalization allowed.
No photos on stage; “cameras and cell phones are to be put away once you reach the stage stairs”
Stay in line. If you leave to use the bathroom or get food for a short period, someone in your party must stay in line at all times.
If you leave for an extended period, you must go to the end of the line.

Doesn’t seem as if they needed all of those rules, since there was hardly a rush. Overall, an estimated 300 people showed up according to the local TV station. This is the free market in its full beauty, for without demand there is no need to produce the product. While the media expresses shock over the low numbers, those who have been paying attention realized that Palin has been failing to draw big crowds for a while now. Her speech in Wisconsin was populated mostly by protesters, for example, and last night at her premiere, we could see the pavement in “crowd” shots just feet away from her.

When both the “celebrity” Palins show up and no one cares, the Palin phenomena is nearing its grisly end. Our long national nightmare is almost over. There’s nothing left to see here but just how crazy the unraveling will be when it finally dawns on Sarah Palin that her brief time as a Hollywood elite is over. It’s all she ever wanted, after all. Sarah Palin settled for becoming a politician when her TV career as a sportscaster didn’t work out. And we see what she did as soon as the national cameras turned her into a star after the 2008 campaign.

There’s no where to go from here except down.

h/t The Immoral Minority

New Update (back where we started basically): After some adjusting based on a link sent from Palin fans, we are back where we started. Here’s how it breaks down: The Star Tribune reports: “The Palins signed about 700 books, but mall officials estimated that 1,500 people attended the event — some merely strolling by and stopping to gaze over the rotunda railing.” As per the rules, 700 books does not mean 700 people (you have to buy Bristol’s book if you want Sarah to sign one of her books). They report “hundreds were there”. If we take the 300 number reported by the local TV and the 700 books, we can estimate about 350-400 people came to see the Palins, plus gawkers. In 2003, 4,000 people came to the MOA to see Hillary Clinton.

Two years ago, 1200 people came to see Sarah Palin in what local reporters call a “vast difference” compared to today’s crowd.

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