Late Night Snack: Dr Jill Biden On Representing the US at the Special Olympics

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Late Night Snack: Have you been wondering where the brilliant and beautiful Dr Jill Biden has been lately? She was with 7,000 athletes from more than 170 countries worldwide, leading a delegation representing the United States at the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens.

Dr Biden wrote this today about her trip:

Meeting the American athletes was one of the personal highlights for me. It was such an honor and a thrill to join Team USA as we walked into the stadium for the Opening Ceremonies, as our hundreds of athletes cheered “USA! USA!” and proudly carried our country’s flag.

We also had a chance to participate in a ceremony in which the city of Athens dedicated a park to Eunice Kennedy Shriver – a park that is open to ALL – for persons with and without disabilities – and that will encourage an inclusive play and healthy living environment for future generations. What a great way to honor the legacy of a woman who made such an impact around the globe.

I am an educator, so I care deeply that we make sure that all persons, including people with disabilities, have an equal opportunity to receive a world class education

Sometimes in the midst of the Republican war on women, I forget about the wonderful women we have in the Obama administration, like Dr Biden and First Lady Michelle Obama – both of whom are a breath of fresh air. Our First Lady and Second Lady are modern women who inspire young girls and women all around the globe with their brains, warmth, compassion, and grace.

Photo by State Department

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