To Michele Bachmann the Bible Is Empirical Information and Scientific Fact

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Throughout American history, there have been crackpots selling snake oil to gullible voters in the guise of serious political campaigns, and there are nearly always segments of the population that embrace candidates who say what voters want to hear. When an incompetent candidate surges in the polls, it does not speak well for America because it means that voters are uninformed and dangerously unqualified to vote, but the Constitution does not restrict voting based on cognitive disability. The political process in America also does not restrict uninformed liars from seeking office whether it is for city council or the nation’s highest office, and although it can be amusing, there is danger in allowing fact-challenged morons to aspire to any office much less for the presidency of the United States. This week, Michele Bachmann announced she was seeking the nomination for the presidency and already she has cemented her place alongside the brain trust of Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee.

Bachmann is many things to many people, but to intelligent, thinking human beings, she is a stupid, lying sycophant who is counting on her gravitas with evangelical Christians and teabaggers to carry her to victory in securing the GOP nomination for president.  Polling in Iowa shows Bachmann surging into a virtual dead heat with former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, and it speaks to the exclusive, white evangelical Christians who tend to believe the candidate holding a flag in one hand and a bible in the other are qualified to be president. It also doesn’t hurt Bachmann’s chances to have been born in Iowa. Although the Minnesota congresswoman’s reputation on the national stage is less than stellar, and her ranking in the polls will bring increased scrutiny, she appeals to members of the tea party who appreciate her grasp of David Barton’s revisionist history and penchant for lying to bolster her image as a serious candidate.

On Monday, Bachmann told Sean Hannity on Fox News that President Obama fears her and is threatened by her candidacy because, “He sees me as a serious, substantive competitor,” and that the president “sees that I have a very clear path to victory for the nomination. And I think he wants to do whatever he can to diminish me because he thinks he will have to see me in the debates. That’s my intent, to take him on in the debates and to win.” Like most delusional characters, Bachmann actually believes that President Obama, a Constitutional scholar and law professor, fears having to debate a half-wit who believes the Founding Fathers abolished slavery and that the first shots in the Revolutionary War were fired in New Hampshire. It is ultimately curious how Michele Bachmann thinks she can best the president in a debate when she is too much of a coward to debate a 10th grade student on American civics and the Constitution. However, if a deluded teabagger is going to fantasize and dream, she may as well dream big.

Ms. Bachmann may impress evangelical Christians and her teabag constituents with her diatribes and lies, and she is certainly a cause for scorn and ridicule, but she also represents the same dangerous voting bloc that Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and Herman Cain attract. Of particular note are Bachmann’s conservative Christian policy positions that, although bizarre, are dangerous to the country and discriminatory to non-believers. The bible-toting teabagger-darling has consistently pushed for an end to Planned Parenthood because she considers it to be the representation of “an arrogant corrupt Washington elite” that has “declared war on marriage, on families, on fertility, and on faith.” Regardless that Bachmann’s assertions are fallacious, it is not novel to engender support by promoting a perceived war on Christianity, marriage, or families by godless liberals and corrupt Washington elite. The problem with people like Bachmann and her ilk is they are true believers who are “onward Christian soldiers” engaged in a war with a secular government that the founders really intended to be a Christian nation according to Bachmann’s historical adviser, David Barton. For true believers like Michele Bachmann, the bible is a source of empirical information and scientific fact.

Bachmann said that intelligent design should be taught in public schools because as she stated, “I support putting all science on the table and then letting students decide. I don’t think it’s a good idea for government to come down on one side of the scientific issue or another, when there is reasonable doubt on both sides.” Except there is no reasonable doubt that the bible’s creation myth resembles science, and regardless how often she or any other Christian makes that claim, it is a religious fairy tale and nothing resembling science whatsoever.  It is not curious that Bachmann, like all Christian conservatives, supports mythology over science, but that she is speaking on the national stage and promoting the “intelligent design is science” meme is certain to garner support among evangelicals as well as her teabagger base. There is a reason fairy-tales are not taught in science classes, but Bachmann’s supporters do not have the cognitive abilities to discern between a myth and a scientific theory.

It is unfortunate, but a large segment of Americans and most of the GOP presidential candidates share Bachmann’s assertions that the bible’s creation myth is scientific fact and not a fairy-tale that predates the Genesis creation account. It is conceivable that Bachmann or any prospective Republican nominee will enter a debate with Obama and use the bible to verify any argument whether it is creation as science or the prohibition on homosexuality, and come out as the perceived winner to conservative Christians. If there was a responsible media presence in America, candidates like Michele Bachmann would never have a forum to spread her revisionist history and bible-based sophistry past her hometown Sunday school group.

The conservative main-stream-media has given Bachmann a pass on most of her fantastical stories and it’s not only Fox News who is shilling for ratings. None of the major national media outlets has the courage to challenge Bachmann’s lies or revisionist history in an objective journalistic manner because she appeals to corporate advertisers. If there was journalistic integrity in this country, none of the fabrications Bachmann purports to be true would stand up to scrutiny. However, the media revels in every opportunity to demean President Obama to please their corporate sponsors and conservative-leaning owners because a large segment of the population are racists and will turn away from objective reporting.

Michele Bachmann is a clown and a charlatan with little gravitas with her peers in Congress, but she appeals to the teabaggers’ view of the Founders’ original intent in writing the constitution. She claims she will win a debate with President Obama, but is too much of a coward to debate a 16-year-old high school student. Bachmann is a snake oil salesman who appeals to ignorant white evangelical Christians who fear the government war on faith and marriage. Bachmann supports reinstating the DADT law based on the bible’s prohibition on homosexuality, and supports a Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as one man and one woman. She also supports Minnesotan’s arming themselves to fight the federal government over an energy tax as well as enforcing the health law. Although she swore an oath to defend and support the Constitution, her understanding is limited to David Barton’s revisionist history and Antonin Scalia’s congressional teabag caucus  lessons.

It is uncertain how far Michele Bachmann will progress in securing the Republican nomination, but she represents a serious voting bloc that can affect the outcome of an election. It is extremely sad and embarrassing that there are white, conservative-Christian bigots supporting the candidacy of a moron who has no understanding of America as anything except a theocratic corporation. The only good news is that the majority of Americans are not nearly as stupid as Bachmann or her supporters in the tea party and will reject her out-of-hand as a carnival act. It is not good news, however, that the media is unwilling to report objectively and identify Bachmann as a liar and crackpot angling for votes based on the voices in her head and an antiquated Jewish mythological book because she sells advertising. She also sells nonsense, treason, corporatism, and religion. In that sense, Michele Bachmann is the perfect candidate for Republicans and evangelical Christians, but for America, she is a disaster of epic proportions. Hopefully, Bachmann will finally get evangelical courage and debate the 10th grade high-school student so the country can witness a dunce congresswoman being schooled by a 16-year-old girl.

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