Late Night Snack: Wisconsin Protest Spirit Continues Unabated

Jun 28 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed his “budget” into law, but not silently.

Seeing as Walker “balanced” the budget on the back of the working people, Wisconsinites were not pleased. Wisconsin was facing a SURPLUS not a deficit prior to Walker, and even after he tried to kill the surplus with tax cuts to corporations, a revised analysis showed Wisconsin with a $600 million dollar surplus.

This new information didn’t stop Walker et al from gunning for the middle class in the name of “fiscal responsibility” and “shared sacrifices”. It’s almost as if they are determined to dig their way into the red with big gifties to the Kochs just so they can take more away from the people. Miserly, mean and ethically unclean. This isn’t fiscal responsibility, it’s a nation wide ALEC deployment agenda to redistribute wealth to the upper 5% and keep it there. Notice he was able to balance the budget not because of his cuts, but because they already had a surplus. How long can Wisconsin continue in this vein without raising revenue? Gosh, it only took W 8 years to drive us over the cliff with his trickle down tax cut baloney.

Wisconsin got its protest on:

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