Jon Stewart Explains How Fox News Misinforms Through Editorial Bias

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On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart explained how Fox News uses editorial bias to misinform, and Fox News responded today by calling Stewart a propagandist and a bully.

Here is the video from The Daily Show:

Stewart said, “I make fun of conservatives or Republicans because I am a liberal, partisan, ideologue. I make fun of liberals or Democrats because I want as part of my brilliant yet, cynical strategy, to maintain enough credibility to continue making fun of conservatives and Republicans, and that narrative of conservative victimization is the true genius of what Fox News has accomplished. Any editorial judgment in news, or schools or movies that doesn’t favor the conservative view is evidence of liberal bias. Whereas any editorial judgment that favors the conservative view is evidence merely of fairness and is done to protect them from liberal bias, and if you criticize for Fox for this game, guess what that is evidence of? How right they are about how persecuted. It is air tighter than an otter’s anus.”

Stewart wrapped up the segment by saying that Chris Wallace once used a term to describe the Obama administration, and played a clip of Wallace calling the administration crybabies.

Fox News responded on Fox and Friends today:

Fox News had on Steven Crowder who claimed that Stewart is a man who, “looks to propagandize information, regardless of it being false in order to continue the narrative that he set with his audience regarding conservative, and by the way, he’s a bully. He only picks fights that he knows he can win, with Chris Wallace or with you guys, and not that you are too weak to defend yourselves, but the second you fire a shot back over the bow, well guess what, he’s a comedian now. Puts on his comedian hat, and makes a wiener joke. It’s a moving target you can’t hit. You can’t win the fight, and that’s the only reason engages.”

Fox News then played Stewart’s Herman Cain joke as their evidence of his bias. Ok, Fox News. I’ll see your Herman Cain joke and raise you 24 hours of daily programming, 365 days a year. Fox News is always trying to tilt the discussion away from their own bias, by claimed that a biased comedian on a comedy network is the real problem.

The problem isn’t the cable news network that tries to hide their bias by pretending to be, “fair and balanced.” Nope, the problem is not the biased network that misinforms millions of people every single day. The real problem is the guy with the comedy show who jokes about the obvious bias and misinformation of the pretend fairly and balanced news network.

Fox News feels so threatened by Jon Stewart that they are out to discredit him. Their fear is justified. Stewart is teaching his audience how to see through media misinformation, which is a direct threat to Fox. The Stewart/Fox News relationship had been mutually beneficial. Jon Stewart’s appearances on Fox News bring younger viewers to the channel who would never normally watch the network, and Stewart got to be a hero with his audience by standing up to Fox in their own backyard.

Since the Wallace interview, the relationship has taken a different tone. Fox News tried to play gotcha with Stewart, and he responded by increasing his attacks on FNC’s bias and misinformation. Fox News should feel threatened by Jon Stewart. They have the oldest audience in all of television. He has one of the youngest.

Fox News needs those young viewers for their long term survival, but they realize that as long as he is out there every night exposing their misinformation, that is never going to happen. The result is this nasty campaign to reveal Stewart’s “secret liberal agenda.”

Steven Crowder did make one accurate point.

This thing with Jon Stewart is a battle that Fox News can never win.

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