The Un-American Agenda of the US Chamber of Commerce

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America has faced countless enemies in its brief history, and has prevailed over some of the most treacherous opponents the world has ever known. The country is embroiled in two protracted wars that President Obama is trying to wind down, and with technically advanced electronic surveillance capabilities, Americans can rest easy that our military is monitoring our known enemies’ activities and whereabouts and can strike at them in a matter of minutes. There are however, enemies who are covertly assailing America from within and it is not Islamic fundamentalists, but a trusted friend that incorporates part of our country’s name in their moniker. The group is more dangerous than Al Qaeda because their goal is to take over the government and kill the population by starvation and slow poisoning instead of a spectacular 9/11-type attack or military assault.

If it is not already common knowledge, the fact that the United States Chamber of Commerce shills for corporations seeking to change the business climate in America to one closer to China should be evident to anyone following the corporatization of America. The Chamber promotes outsourcing Americans’ jobs as great for business  in spite of the fact that the unemployment rate is still too high for real economic recovery to progress substantially. Regulations are one of the Chamber’s primary targets and they are unapologetic in their drive to deregulate everything from the financial industry to worker protections that keep the dwindling workforce safe. The Chamber and their GOP puppets hate regulations that protect Americans from corporations that disregard Americans’ well-being to make more profits. The most recent campaign against regulations has been joined by former Senator from Indiana, Evan Bayh, who has begun shilling for the Chamber’s current anti-regulation drive that seeks to undo the financial and healthcare regulations by labeling them “job killers.”

In an opinion piece on Sunday with former Bush White House chief-of-staff, Andrew Card, Bayh extolled the virtues of deregulation as a means of job creation, and criticized President Obama for burdening the economy with healthcare and financial regulations as well as Environmental Protection Agency rules. According to Bayh and Card, Obama’s executive order requiring a review of existing regulations is insufficient; it is not enough that the order only dealt with regulations that are “out of date, unnecessary, excessively burdensome, or in conflict with other rules,” and apparently it is not enough that they have encouraged some regulatory agencies to recommend changes that will save businesses time, money, headaches and resources. The Chamber of Commerce, speaking through Bayh and Card is not satisfied and says that “more needs to be done.”

The Chamber’s newest shills say that Obama’s order exempted his healthcare and financial reforms from elimination. The Chamber of Commerce opposed the health law and financial reforms from their inception, and is taking a different tact in repealing them since they do not yet control the entire government. The Chamber only controls the Republican Party, and until the Koch brothers anoint them as monarchs, they are appealing to the masses with a “regulations kill jobs” meme. Bayh and Card cite a study by the Small Business Administration’s advocacy arm that is little more than opinion polling about a perceived business climate in foreign countries. In short, the report is fantasy dreamt up by pro-business advocates who have no idea what they are talking about so they revert to what conservatives do best; they lie.

Although the Chamber carefully crafted the opinion piece, their opposition to healthcare reforms entails killing the Affordable Health Act. The health law’s rules that the Chamber opposes are: insurance companies cannot refuse coverage for a pre-existing condition, cannot impose lifetime limits on coverage, or cannot kick children off of their parents’ policy past the age of 18, and any other pro-consumer protection. The Chamber opposes financial reform because it protects consumers and holds banks and financial organizations accountable for their malfeasance. The Chamber also opposes reforms that prohibit speculation on derivatives and sub-prime mortgages, restricts exorbitant credit card fees, and prohibits banks from increasing interest rates for no reason.  It is obvious that there is no demarcation between the Republican Party, Koch Industries, and the Chamber of Commerce, or that the triad of evil is assailing the American people with claims of “job killing regulations.”

There is no other agency the Chamber wants eliminated more than the EPA and their claims that it is responsible for stifling business and job creation is fallacious at best. During Bill Clinton’s presidency, he increased the EPA’s budget for clean air, safe water, children’s health, and for cleaning up toxic waste and the economy grew at an unprecedented rate and millions of jobs were created. After bolstering the EPA with funds and new regulations, Clinton left office with a budget surplus that the Bush-Republicans gave to the wealthy. Bush and his pro-Chamber cronies deregulated the financial industry and stifled the EPA and nearly destroyed the world’s economy as well as millions of Americans’ jobs and homes. Historical facts tell a different story about the disastrous consequences of deregulation, but the Chamber-Republicans have never dealt with facts because they do not verify their assertions. It is just easier to repeat fallacious talking points till the public accepts them as truth.

The Chamber’s interests do not include America, its people, and not even American small businesses. They are a multi-national friendly organization that is more concerned with creating China’s business climate in America than our economy or jobs at home. Chamber president Tom Donohue has made the media rounds several times promoting outsourcing Americans’ jobs because it is good for American multi-national corporations. The Chamber is a fierce advocate for eliminating the corporate tax altogether and giving a tax holiday to previously-earned profits corporations are holding overseas. The Chamber also contributes untold sums to Republican candidates and benefitted heavily from the Citizens United decision that Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia voted for at the direction of Koch Industries. America or its citizens could hardly face a more dangerous enemy than one that controls the Supreme Court and the House of Representatives.

With such a well-connected enemy controlling one house of Congress and the Supreme Court, life is not looking too promising for the American people. President Obama and congressional Democrats fought a hard battle to enact healthcare reform and financial regulations to protect consumers from fraud and deceit, but the gains are in danger of being lost to an oft repeated meme of “job killing regulations.”  Republicans have been trumpeting the dangers of regulations to business and job creation, but the facts belie their claims, and now that the Chamber is in full-attack mode, the people have little chance of enjoying clean air, water, financial security, or affordable health care. Democrats are remiss to call Republicans liars and are content to allow the Chamber to lie with impunity; and it is curious.

The American public has a misconception that the Chamber of Commerce is a home-grown, local organization controlled by a loose-knit group of local small-business owners, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Every time an American patronizes a large or small business that belongs to the local chapter of the Chamber of Commerce, they contribute to the job-killing, anti-regulation, job outsourcing, American-hating national Chamber of Commerce that accepts and launders foreign campaign contributions.

If America was under attack from a foreign military force, every able-bodied man would arm themselves and fight to the death to protect their family and our country. We are under attack now and the enemy is in every city under the local Chamber of Commerce banner and Americans continue sending their hard-earned dollars to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to eliminate consumer protections and environmental regulations. Sunday’s commentary claiming the health law and financial regulations kill jobs is just the latest round of attacks, and the Chamber, Republicans, and Koch Industries will not be satisfied until there are no regulations so corporations can poison Americans and control the government. It is the first time in American history that the country is under direct attack and no-one is lifting a finger to fight this insidious, cruel enemy; unless someone acts quickly, we are doomed.


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