Game On: The Obama Campaign Hammers Michele Bachmann

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The Obama campaign quickly responded to Michele Bachmann’s claim that we can’t afford four more years of Barack Obama, by filleting Bachmann based on her own voting record.

During her speech launching her campaign Bachmann said,

We cannot continue to kick the can of our problems down the road, because they are problems of today and not tomorrow.
We cannot continue to rack up debt on the backs of future generations.
We can’t afford an unconstitutional health plan that costs too much and is worth so little.
And we can’t afford four more years of failed leadership at home and abroad.
We can’t afford four more years of millions of Americans out of work or in jobs that pay too little to support their families.
We can’t afford four more years of a housing crisis that is devaluing our homes and making home ownership impossible for many Americans.
We can’t afford four more years of a foreign policy that leads from behind and doesn’t stand up for our friends and stand up to our enemies.
We can’t afford four more years of Barack Obama.

In a statement OFA fired back,

“Congresswoman Bachmann talks about reclaiming the American Dream but her policies would erode the path to prosperity for middle class families. She voted for a budget plan that would extend tax cuts for the richest Americans on the backs of seniors and the middle class while ending Medicare as we know it. Congresswoman Bachmann introduced legislation to repeal Wall Street oversight – risking a repeat of the financial crisis — and while she voted to preserve subsidies for oil and gas companies she opposes making the investments necessary to enhance America’s competitiveness and create the jobs of the future.”

Short, sweet and to the point. Michele Bachmann may be a tea party darling and she is beloved by the hard right, but she would be surgically dissected by the Obama team in a fall campaign. Her voting record is chocked full of goodies that are 30-60 second attacks ads waiting to happen.

Oh that voting record:

Bachmann voted NO on food safety. She voted NO on extending unemployment benefits, and she voted NO on extending the flood insurance program. She also voted NO on financial reform, and NO small business lending. She voted YES to abolish the practice of federal funding of presidential elections. She voted NO on the repeal of DADT. She voted NO on the expansion of hate crimes legislation. In 2007, she voted NO on the establishment of the Office of Congressional Ethics, and she voted a big fat NO on pay as you go. (As you know only a true fiscal conservative would reject the idea that programs actually have to be paid for before they are passed).

The paragraph above isn’t even the big stuff. Bachmann wants to cut veterans benefits and their Social Security disability. She is all for the Ryan budget and the killing of Medicare, and she supports making the Bush tax cuts permanent.

Over at the Margin of Error blog, Henry Joe Enten ran some numbers to determine how conservative Michele Bachmann really is. He found that, “Among the Representatives and Senators who have served since 1995, Bachmann’s record is more conservative than 92% of them with a DW-Nominate score of 0.577. If Bachmann ever become the Republican nominee, Democrats could make an honest case that Bachmann is far to the right of the median legislator.”

His conclusion was that Bachmann fits into the middle of the GOP field as far as degree of conservatism is concerned, which means that she would win the nomination, but she is too far outside the mainstream to win a General Election.

Without a serious primary challenger, the Obama campaign doesn’t have a lot ways to generate media coverage. Bachmann provided the Obama camp with a perfect opportunity to inject themselves into the discussion.

It is important for the President’s reelection effort that they not let the statements of the top Republican candidates go unchallenged.

With their statement, OFA sent a message to Bachmann.

Game on.

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