Democrats Come Alive and Call out Republicans on the Economy

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Call it a momentary lapse in protocol, but the Democrats showed that they don’t need stem cell research to grow a spine…finally.

Following a contentious week of tough negotiations, including plenty of grandstanding and faux drama (I’m looking at you, Eric Cantor), top-ranking Democrats slammed Republicans for setting them up to endorse large spending cuts in a deal to raise the national debt limit without giving ground on anything — even GOP-friendly policy measures like tax cuts for business owners — to stimulate the economy in the near-term.

“Our Republican colleagues in the House and Senate are driven by putting one man out of work: President Obama,” said Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL).

The hardest hitting denunciation came from  Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

“We are also open to hiring incentives, perhaps in the form of a payroll tax cut for employers that was floated by the administration…. [T]hat might not be our first choice, that shows how willing we are to work with the Republicans to create jobs. It’s pro-business, it’s a tax cut, and many Republicans have been for it in the past. But now all of a sudden they’re coming out against it,” Schumer said.

Perhaps the Democrats channeled their anger by picturing the Republicans as Anthony Weiner’s twitter scandal, since that seemed to be the only thing that gave them fighting conviction.

 The point of contention surrounding the Republicans juvenile temper tantrums is temporarily reducing the payroll tax burden on employers and employees – designed to reinvigorate the economy before federal spending draws down in the years ahead. In the past,  and particularly in struggling economic times, this and a handful of other stimulative policies have enjoyed bipartisan support. But that was during a time long, long ago and in a place far, far away–one in which a Kenyan Muslim socialist wasn’t president and facing re-election in a year.

“We don’t need short-term gestures,” said Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN), the chair of the Senate Republican conference. “We need long-term fundamental changes in our tax-structure, in our regulatory structure that people who create jobs can rely on.”

Translation: We need the tax rate to be brought down to zero percent for the top two-percent and more jobs in China and Vietnam.

Time and time again, the Republicans have shown that they care more about embarrassing the President and derailing any chance he has of getting legislation passed that seeks to help the non-two percent of the country. Even when he extends them an olive branch and bends over backwards with Republican goodies (like extending the Bush Tax cuts for two more years), these retarded man-children kick around in the sand box and pout like a girl who dropped her sweets when said legislation doesn’t purely contain tax cuts for the obscenely rich. After all, those poor people need more diamond-encrusted Hummer yachts. So all those greedy seniors are going to have to give up their Medicare.

Responsible spending on much need programs…bad, tax cuts for the people that got us into this mess…good. That is their mantra and will continue to be until they have turned America into a third-world country that cannot even provide basic services like clean drinking water.  In fact, Republicans are attempting to do that very thing. 

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved a bill on June 22, 2011 which would gut the Clean Water Act. One can only glean that Republicans drink and bath in Kristol, or perhaps clean water is one of those darn socialist things. 
Nevertheless, for now the Democrats appear to have finally awaken from their comatose state and are calling out the Republicans on their cynical efforts to put the super rich before the economic recovery.  

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