Obama Impersonator Reggie Brown Finishes Off the GOP On Real Time

Jun 26 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Republicans need to learn not to mess with comedians. Seriously…when are these people going to learn that they never win when they do this?

Last week, Republicans escorted Obama impersonator Reggie Brown off of the Republican Leadership Conference stage as soon as he began making jokes about Republicans (but they loved them racist Obama jokes, hee haw!). Well, Bill Maher was having none of it. He invited Reggie onto Real Time to finish his act.

I dare say Reggie went for the gold here and I doubt his act was this brutally honest before that rotund white man escorted him off of the button down’s stage. Nice going, Republicans.

Here’s the video courtesy of The Atlantic Wire via Mediate:

Reggie finished off the GOP in just under four minutes. He must have spent all week coming up with jokes worthy of people who take themselves so seriously that they couldn’t handle the silly jokes he was making last week. He finished off with “Simply put, they’re screwed. They’ve got nothing on me. Now let’s hear it. Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!”

Hey, GOP, how do you like Reggie now?

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