In A Secret Video Ohio Gov. John Kasich Begs For More Koch

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Here is the video that Ohio Gov. John Kasich never wanted you to see. Watch him suck up to the “freedom fighters” of Koch’s union busting front group Americans For Prosperity.

Here is the video:

According to Progress Ohio, Kasich used state resources to record a video that said, “In the four months that I’ve been Governor, we’ve accomplished a lot in Ohio… in all of these efforts the strong support of Americans for Prosperity has made a really big difference. …it’s so important that Ohio’s fighters for freedom, the grassroots leaders of Americans for Prosperity, continue to lend their support to the effort to get Ohio back on track.”

Kasich also called the budget that was passed in the state “brave,” but a better term for it would be short sightedly destructive.

Kasich’s budget is going to cut 33% of state funding to local governments in year one, and 50% of funding in year two.

This means that if you reside in Ohio, you better be prepared to see your local taxes go up or else you better hope that your house doesn’t catch on fire. Local governments in the state are worried about how they are going to keep public services like police and fire departments up and running without funding. These governments are either going to have to raise taxes, or cut services. Those are the only two options, and neither one should be very pleasing if you live in Ohio.

Kasich’s budget also slashes 11.5% from K-12 education. This means that 10,000 teachers may be fired in the state. Higher education is looking at a 13% cut in funding, and with the governor proposing a tuition cap increase of 3.5%, the only options that higher educational institutions will have are reduced services and layoffs. (If this looks to you like a play to break the back of the teachers’ unions, you’re right).

Kasich’s budget is also short sighted because it relies on the privatization of five state prisons, and the state’s liquor system, which they have estimated to be worth $1.2 billion. The problem is that these sales only generate a onetime increase in revenue. There will be no more yearly revenue. One payment is all you get. Even Republican lawmakers in the state are complaining that the plan undervalues the state liquor system, and that if the state is going to sell, they should get more money.

Kasich’s plan to get Ohio out of the hole is to sell every resource the state has that isn’t nailed down. The governor also just so happens to be giving away these resources for much less than they are actually worth, but that is a small detail.

John Kasich is turning Ohio into a Koch Brothers paradise. He is busting the education unions through steep budget cuts, while at the same time encouraging privatization of the state’s education system through vouchers and charter schools. He is passing the burden of increasing taxes on to the local governments, and he is holding a yard sell to give away the state’s revenue generating resources.

As John Kasich has implement the Koch agenda, he has seen his approval rating crash to 33%, but as the video above shows, there is only one constituency that matters to Ohio’s governor, and it isn’t the people of his state.

Gov. Kasich is addicted and he needs him some more of that Koch, pronto!

Update: AFP removed the original, but Progress Ohio posted it themselves, so the video lives on!!!

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