Michele Bachmann Lies About Profiting From Govt Subsidized Dairy Farm

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On Fox News Sunday today, Michele Bachmann denied that she has personally benefited from government subsidies for her family’s dairy forms, but her disclosure forms tell a different story.

Here is the transcript from Fox News:

WALLACE: All right. We’re going to talk about the other candidates a little bit later.

But let me ask you about yourself. With the spotlight comes new scrutiny. The Los Angeles Times has a story out today that says for all your talk of being a fiscal hawk, that, in fact, you have gone after federal and government — excuse me, state government money over the years, both personally and professionally. And let’s it up on the screen.

A counseling clinic — excuse me — run by your husband got almost $30,000 in state federal funds. A farm, in which you are a partner, got almost $260,000 in federal subsidies. And over the years, you sought more than $60 million in the state earmarks and more than $3.7 million in federal earmarks.

Question — that’s a fiscal hawk?

BACHMANN: Well, let’s go through them. First of all, the money that went to the clinic was actually training money for employees. The clinic did not get the money. And my husband and I did not get the money either. That’s mental health training money that went to employees.

Number two, regarding the farm, the farm is my father-in-law’s farm. It’s not my husband and my farm. It’s my father-in-law’s farm. And my husband and I have never gotten a penny of money from the farm.

Regarding the earmarks, I believe the right place to build projects is in the states and the states have to build roads and bridges. And I don’t apologize for building roads and bridges.

Michele Bachmann actually told two lies to Chris Wallace. She claimed that the farm belonged to her father in law, but what she didn’t say is that she was and still is a partner in the farm. Bachmann also stated that she or husband never made a penny from the family dairy farm, but her financial disclosure forms report that from 2006-2009 she made $32,503-$105,000 in profit off of the farm.

Bachmann has to somehow explain how she can be against government spending, while using her power as member of Congress to get $260,000 in federal dairy and corn subsidies for her family farm. Apparently assistance and government subsidies are okay for Bachmann to get, but not those Americans who are elderly, poor, disabled, or unemployed.

She has also advocated for socialism as it related to the government purchasing additional farm commodities in order to prop up prices. She is going to have a hard time arguing against government spending in a general election when she personally advocated for more government spending, and benefiting from federal subsidies for the family dairy farm.

Rep. Bachmann could have skated by on this if she just would have admitted the truth on Fox News today, but she had to lie. Because of these lies, the story is not going to go away. On top of it all, it was a dumb lie. She lied about something that she put on her own public disclosure forms. I am sure her tea party supporters will happily turn a blind eye to Bachmann’s ideological inconsistencies, but if she captures the GOP nomination the rest of America won’t.

After a strong debate performance and an Iowa poll that shows her neck and neck with Mitt Romney in Iowa, Michele Bachmann is about to come under more scrutiny. She may be able to get away with a two sentence answer on Fox News, but that isn’t going to cut it everywhere else.

It looks like the media is going to start taking her seriously, which can only be bad news for the presidential candidacy of Michele Bachmann.

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