Scaling the 7 Mountains Mandate

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Last week I wrote an article here at PoliticusUSA introducing the Christian Dominionist Movement. First, let me say that I was tremendously encouraged by the responses and that so many of you are taking this seriously. Please click here to read a more in-depth compilation of writing and research defining Christian Dominionism. It is a challenging task to write and speak out about this extremism due to the very fact that they have crawled under the skirts of legitimacy of what once was the Republican Party while invoking Christianity as their moral spring board.

To write or speak out against this very well organized sect attracts defensive postures from all sides, from Dominionists themselves, to the mainline Christians in America who are not yet aware that they need to be distancing themselves from this extremist fundamentalist sect, one that is attempting to drag them along for the ride back into the days of pre-Enlightenment.

This is a creeping cancer, a malignant growth if left unchecked, that desires total dominion over all secular institutions in America, establishing this country firmly with arrogant supremacy as a Christian Nation. One of those very well laid out plans is something they call the 7 Mountains Mandate.

7 Mountains Mandate

Several of us who research this bible-based cult have written about the 7 Mountains Mandate over the last few years, but for those who are completely new to this, let me introduce you to this traveling sales production, put on and promoted across America and the world by the Christian Dominionists.

Here are the 7 Mountains:

1 Education

2 Religion

3 Family

4 Business/Banking

5 Government/Military

6 Arts/Entertainment

7 Media

Here is their professionally produced promotional video about this Road Show:

This video is directly from one of their self-acclaimed “prophets”, Os Hillman who promotes yet another branch that veers off into a new profitable venture called “Market Place Leaders” where they teach their followers how to weasel into the Mountain of Business and rise to the top as “change agents in labor for Christ” where they ultimately take over and control the Business Mountain in America. (Of course this indoctrination isn’t free, just FYI).

Their lead salesman is a guy named Lance Wallnau (excuse me, Dr. Lance Wallnau – I always forget that they all eventually end up as “Dr.s”). He is slick. And what they are selling, these people are buying. Here is a short clip of Wallnau’s presentation at Sarah Palin’s home church in Wasilla, Alaska in 2009, where a parade of the International Coalition of Apostles continue to make their way through.

His message is to instill fear – and this fear and paranoia is dominating Dominionist congregations as they are pounded with misinformation from their pulpits to their politics. Wallnau talks about the “tipping point” and how once this is achieved, it does not require a majority in order to control nations.

Vyckie Garrison did an excellent job of addressing this culture of fear that they feed in her interview posted here yesterday on the Quiverfull Movement. Fear is a powerful aphrodisiac for the followers of these wealthy apostles.

I was finally able to understand a fraction of how fear is used to grab and hold these people after reading “The Authoritarians” by Bob Altermeyer who puts it in perspective this way…if I may sum up his remarks…by suggesting that we all think back to how we felt within moments, hours and days of the 9/11 tragedy. The fear what we felt then –  the uncertainty, the sense that we were not safe – they feel that everyday. They are riddled with this fear of Satan and the enemy (everyone not in their inner circle) combined with doing right by God.

Well, Altermeyer points out that people raised or indoctrinated into these religious cults have the added delusion that they are truly the “chosen”, the “elect”.

“Authoritarians typically think they’re way, way better! They are the Holy Ones. They are the Chosen. They are the Righteous. They somehow got a three-for-one special on self-righteousness. And self-righteousness appears to release authoritarian aggression more than anything else.”

He goes on to say…

“Chronically frightened authoritarian followers, looking for someone to attack because fighting is one of the things people do when they are afraid, are particularly likely to do so when they can find a moral justification for their hostility. Despite all the things in the scriptures about loving others, forgiving others, leaving punishment to God, and so on, authoritarian followers feel empowered to isolate and segregate, to humiliate, to persecute […] experiments done if you know how self-righteous they are, you can explain rather well the homophobia of the authoritarian followers, their heavy-handedness in sentencing criminals, their prejudices against racial and ethnic minorities, why they are so mean-spirited toward those who have erred and suffered, and their readiness to join posses to ride down communists, radicals or whomever [Muslims].”

Altemermeyer believes so strongly in getting this message out that he has made this available as a pdf download so that people can read this without the barrier of cost. There is also a 10 minute audio introduction to his book by former Nixon White House Counsel John Dean who wrote the Forward. The information will astound and enlighten you about how these people can create agendas like the 7 Mountain Mandate with absolute confidence that they are right and the rest of us are not only wrong, but lost forever.

This is all hiding in plain sight. We see the brazen overt blending of politics and religion in examples from Palin to Perry and too many points in between. PoliticusUSA does a stellar job of bringing the news of these religio-political events to us as they happen. It is my job, in this quest to preserve separation of church and state, to come in behind those who bring you the news as it happens and tie those events into this Movement so that we create an awakening in America and put a stop to this madness.

And madness it is. We are a nation of varied faiths and people of no faith. We have been viewed as a country who seeks freedoms for all. Dominionism is a dangerous Movement that works 24/7 to spread this cancer. They have the backing of major corporations who feed them, not because of theological agreements, but because of their mutual goals to privatize government. Greed and power make for a formidable opponent to freedom.

Volumes of information exist at our fingertips through the gift of the internet, making it harder for these parasites to operate under the radar that they have been used to. Please take the time to explore just a fraction of what I am leading you to – and if it doesn’t prompt you to share this with at least 5 people then I am not doing my part.

Next week, I will begin a series of 7 posts addressing each Mountain separately. This is not a haphazard push by a handful of zealots. Today, I just want to help you understand how organized, how intentional, how determined – this Movement is. They are a powerful minority but we honestly have the power to put a stop to this through awareness.

Exposure is their kryptonite!




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